Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Savi approaches Sai and reminds her of the promise she made to show her an ocean on their honeymoon. Savi then requests Satya to include her in their plans. Gowri interjects, expressing concern that Savi might get bored with just Sai and Satya, so she suggests that they all go on a vacation together. Savi becomes elated at the idea, and Satya adds that he will return and take the entire family on a “family moon.” Confused, Savi asks what a “family moon” is, prompting Maddy to start telling a story. Gowri interrupts, suggesting they drop the topic since Savi has already understood.

Some time later, in the hospital cabin, Sai recalls the previous day’s incident with an intoxicated Virat causing a scene in a restaurant. She decides to call him and Virat apologizes for his behavior. Sai forgives him, mentioning that she wants Savi to stay at Chavan Nivas for a few days and asks Virat to pick her up from school. Virat happily agrees and informs the family that Savi will be staying with them for a while. Bhavani questions whether Sai will allow it, but Virat assures her that Sai herself called and informed him.

Sai asks nurse Shanti to check her and Dr. Satya’s schedule for the weekend. Shanti informs her that Satya doesn’t have any important appointments, but Sai has a lecture with doctors from the United States. Sai contemplates that if she tells Satya about the lecture now, he might think she canceled their trip intentionally. So she decides to let Satya discover the lecture on his own and cancel the trip. Meanwhile, Virat buys numerous toys for Savi, and a friend jokingly asks if he plans to open a toy shop. Virat replies that his daughter is coming, and his love for her surpasses that of any other father. The friend suggests that Virat must also love his wife immensely, to which Virat falls silent.

Ashwini prepares kheer for Savi and expresses to Ninad how understanding and caring Sai is towards everyone. Ninad agrees, but Ashwini regrets pressuring Sai into marrying Satya in an attempt to save Pakhi’s marriage. She believes that Sai and Virat still love each other and are lost in their memories of the past.

Satya contacts Nurse Rani and requests to speak with Sai. Rani informs Satya that Sai is currently in the labor room and will take some time to come out. Realizing this, Satya decides to go and pick up Savi from school. He arrives at Savi’s school and takes her with him on his bike. Shortly after, Virat arrives at the school and inquires about Savi from the watchman. The watchman informs Virat that Savi has just left with Satya.

Once they reach home, Savi excitedly dances while watching a video on TV. Satya, Maddy, and Gowri silently observe her dance. Suddenly, the TV stops, leaving Savi worried about how she will continue learning to dance. Maddy and Gowri step in and teach her a dance routine to the song “Pingada Pori.” Alka aaji also joins in the dance session. Amba enters the room and sternly asks if they are dancing. The atmosphere becomes tense as they stand nervously. However, Amba surprises them by asking why they didn’t invite her and proceeds to dance with them. Satya decides to video call Sai and shows her how all five girls are enjoying their dance session.

In the midst of their joyful moment, Virat storms into the house and begins shouting at Satya. Satya and his family become angry upon seeing him there. Virat expresses his displeasure, questioning Satya’s actions. Satya, in turn, asks if Virat is still intoxicated. A heated argument ensues between them. Amba intervenes and reveals that Savi stays at their house. Virat accuses them of teaching inappropriate things to his daughter and warns Satya about his choice of words. The confrontation escalates as they grab each other’s collars. Savi interrupts their fight and asks why they are arguing. Satya accuses Virat of shamelessly crashing into their home, while Virat claims Satya intentionally brought him there. Savi, observing their dispute, informs Virat that there is a misunderstanding. Satya asserts that Savi is also his daughter. Virat reacts angrily to Satya’s statement. Sai steps in and informs Virat that Satya was unaware of his plan to pick up Savi from school. Virat shouts at Sai not to protect her husband. Sai explains to Satya that she forgot to inform him about Savi staying at Chavan Nivas for a few days. Amba warns Virat to resolve his issues at home and to refrain from visiting them, making it clear that this would be his last visit. Virat declares that he doesn’t want to stay any longer and Savi, carrying her bags, takes him away. Satya stands there, furious and frustrated.

[Episode End]

Precap : Savi informs Virat that Satya plans to take Sai on a honeymoon, prompting Sai to send herself to Chavan nivas. Virat angrily calls Sai and berates her, but Sai reveals that she is actually going for a conference and Satya is unaware of this. Overhearing their conversation, Satya becomes furious.

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