Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

While Satya and Sai are enjoying a dinner date, Satya receives an incoming call. He excuses himself from the table, stepping aside due to a poor network connection. At the same time, an inebriated Virat stumbles towards Sai and questions whether she is truly present or just a figment of his imagination. He implores her to leave his life entirely. Confused, Sai asks him why he is there. Virat explains that he visits the restaurant every year on Vatsavitri Pooja, secretly hiding from his family as he had promised to do so for someone else. He attempts to draw the attention of other customers, urging them to notice his ex-wife. Sai pleads with him to stop, reminding him that people are watching. Unfazed, Virat accuses Sai of accompanying Satya to the same restaurant to incite his jealousy. He continues to pour out his sorrow to her. In a forceful manner, he feeds Sai some food and encourages everyone to give her a round of slaps, referring to her as Mrs. Adhikari. Just as the tension escalates, Satya returns and, filled with anger, grabs Virat by the collar for breaking Sai’s fast. Sai intervenes and asks Satya to let Virat go. Suddenly, Virat collapses. Satya wonders what they should do with him now. Sai tries calling Mohit to come and pick up Virat, but he fails to answer the call. Realizing they have no other choice, Sai suggests they take Virat home. Satya acknowledges that this is now his only responsibility.

They find Virat seated in the backseat of their car. Sai remarks that Satya is currently furious. Satya responds by stating that he doesn’t want to talk at the moment because Virat has become accustomed to eavesdropping on their conversations with his eyes closed. They decide it’s best to drop Virat off at home first. In a hushed voice, Virat mutters his disdain for Sai and Satya, accusing them of taking Sai away from him. Satya becomes even angrier and drives recklessly. Sai pleads with him to stop and suggests that she will arrange for a cab to take Virat home since he’s lost control due to anger. Satya apologizes and drives Virat to his house. Ninad notices their arrival and inquires about Virat’s condition. Sai explains that they discovered Virat heavily intoxicated at the restaurant they were at. Bhavani questions what happened to her nephew and places the blame on Sai and Satya for Virat’s condition. She continues to accuse and curse them. Satya interrupts her and states that his alcoholic nephew caused a scene at the restaurant, disturbing everyone present. He suggests that Bhavani should address her family’s issues instead of troubling others. He mentions their unsuccessful attempts to reach her other nephew, who ignored their calls. Satya concludes by pointing out that instead of showing gratitude for bringing her alcoholic grandson home, she is blaming them. Holding Sai’s hand, he walks out of Chavan Nivas, leaving Bhavani speechless.

Upon reaching home, Satya confronts Sai, accusing Virat of spoiling her vatsavitri vrat. Sai dismisses his concerns, reminding him that their marriage is merely a facade for the outside world and holds no real significance. She questions why he is bothered about her vrat, suggesting that he may have developed feelings for her and expects her to fulfill the role of his actual wife. Satya clarifies that his affection for her is purely platonic, emphasizing that they can have a relationship beyond that of husband and wife. He expresses genuine concern for her well-being and cannot bear to see anyone troubling her.

Sai manages to calm down and suggests going out for dinner together. However, Satya declines the offer, claiming not to be hungry. Unfazed, Sai takes the initiative to prepare dinner herself and insists that Satya join her. Despite his initial reluctance, Satya eventually gives in, and they both enjoy a pleasant meal together. Sai shows him a picture and proudly explains that she wore the saree he had gifted her, symbolizing their friendship. Satya smiles warmly in response.

Meanwhile, Sonali provokes Bhavani against Satya, pointing out that Sai’s husband has also humiliated her. She criticizes Sai for turning out to be a disappointment, likening her to a counterfeit coin. Sonali further argues that Virat should not have assisted Sai in completing her studies. Bhavani agrees, emphasizing the differences in status between men and women.

The next morning, Satya’s family gathers to enjoy breakfast together. Amba reminds Sai to take leave from work for their upcoming honeymoon trip. Savi, curious about the term “honeymoon,” inquires about its meaning. Maddy steps in and fabricates a fictional story to explain the concept to her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Savi notifies Virat about Satya’s plan to take Sai on a honeymoon. Fueled by anger, Virat dials Sai’s number and unleashes his wrath upon her. In response, Sai reveals that she is actually attending a conference and Satya is unaware of this. Overhearing their conversation, Satya becomes furious.

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