Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Vinu requesting Virat to accompany him to Satya’s house as he wishes to gift a saree to his mother. Virat suggests that he can give a saree to Sai on another day, but Vinu insists on presenting it to his mother immediately. Disappointed, Vinu feels upset about the situation. Ninad advises Virat to take Vinu to Sai, and Virat contemplates his words.

Amba calls Satya, who arrives with flowers and questions why she couldn’t wait for just 2 minutes. Amba explains that it’s the first time they are celebrating Vath Savitri puja at their house, which is why many ladies are attending. She asks if he brought fruits and coconut water. Satya admits that he forgot, but assures Amba that he will get everything before the puja begins. Amba instructs Satya to leave after giving the Shringar Thaal to Sai.

Satya takes the Shringar Ka Thaal to his room and retrieves a saree from the cupboard that he bought for Sai. Sai emerges from the bathroom, drying her hair. Upon seeing Satya, she greets him good morning. Sai asks him about the Shringar Ka Thali, and Satya explains that it was sent by his mother, urging her to get ready for the puja. Satya presents her with the saree as a gift. Sai questions his motive, reminding him that their marriage is only a formality. Satya insists that he is giving it to her as a friend and requests that she wear it for the puja. Sai reluctantly agrees.

Virat brings Vinu to Satya’s house. Vinu asks Virat to accompany him inside, but Virat explains that he needs to make an urgent call and sends Vinu in alone. Vinu enters the house and inquires about his mother from Maddy. Recognizing him as Vinu, Maddy leads him to Sai’s room. Sai, now dressed in the saree gifted by Satya, greets Vinu happily. Vinu explains that he has come to give her a saree as a gift and asks her to wear it for the puja since it’s his first present to her. Sai feels conflicted but eventually agrees to Vinu’s request. Curious, she asks him where he purchased the beautiful saree, and Vinu reveals that he ordered it online. Sai asks how he arrived at the house, and Vinu explains that he came with their father and that he is waiting outside. Maddy brings them snacks and suggests Vinu enjoy them. Sai offers to feed Vinu instead. Meanwhile, Virat calls Vinu and informs him that they need to leave as he has to go to work. Vinu informs Sai that he must leave, bidding her farewell.

Sai steps outside to bid farewell to Vinu. Virat taunts Sai, questioning whether she got ready to impress Satya or the gods. Sai acknowledges his hurt, but Virat asserts that she doesn’t need to worry about him, as he can take care of himself, and he leaves. Satya’s family members feel delighted to see Sai wearing the saree gifted by Satya, commenting that Satya will be thrilled to see her in it. Amba asks them what makes the saree so special. Maddy and Gauri inform her that it was gifted by Satya to Sai.

Sai realizes that she can’t break Vinu’s heart and decides to wear the saree gifted by him. She takes a selfie in Satya’s gifted saree and then changes into Vinu’s gifted saree. Prabha and others arrive at Amba’s house for the puja. Meanwhile, Satya anxiously waits for Sai. Observing Satya’s state, his family members tease him. Sai finally emerges wearing the saree gifted by Vinu. Savi compliments Sai’s appearance. Satya and his family members feel disappointed to see Sai in a different saree. Savi makes a video call to Vinu and informs him that Sai wore the saree he gifted. Vinu sees Sai and responds positively. Karishma mentions that even though Sai is married, she still wore the saree Ashwini purchased for her daughter-in-law. Savi ends the call with Vinu and leaves the room. Amba scolds Sai for hurting Satya and questions why she chose to wear the saree gifted by her first husband. Sai clarifies that it was given by Vinu, but Amba insists that she’s not a fool and claims that it’s from her first husband.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sai will perceive it as her responsibility to observe the Vat Savitri Vrath for Satya. However, Virat surprises her with a saree as a symbol of their affection. Sai contemplates within, contemplating the choice between love and duty.

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