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Bhagya Lakshmi 22 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 22 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Dadi urging Malishka to stop constantly fretting about Lakshmi and Rishi. Dadi suggests that Rishi might have planned to buy jewelry for Malishka after seeing Vikrant taking Lakshmi out. Malishka agrees, aligning with Dadi’s viewpoint. Neelam also advises Malishka to explore other jewelers instead of going to the same place where Lakshmi and Vikrant are heading.

Karishma contacts Vikrant and inquires about the jeweler he plans to visit. Vikrant reveals that he is going to Aryan Jewellers located on 8th Road. Karishma abruptly ends the call and informs Malishka that Vikrant and Lakshmi are heading towards the 8th Road. She suggests Malishka to visit the jeweler on the 9th Road instead. Agreeing with Karishma’s suggestion, Malishka agrees to go to the 9th Road jeweler.

Later, Shalu calls Lakshmi under the pretense of needing information and questions her about her destination. Lakshmi truthfully informs Shalu that she and Vikrant are going to buy an engagement ring on the 9th Road. Seizing the opportunity, Vikrant overhears the conversation and asks Lakshmi to invite Shalu to their chosen jeweler since he also needs to buy some jewelry. Lakshmi agrees and calls Shalu, asking her to join them at the jewelry shop on the 9th Road. However, Shalu abruptly ends the call.

Subsequently, Shalu contacts Rishi and shares the crucial information about Vikrant and Lakshmi’s intended visit to the jewelry shop on the 9th Road. Expressing gratitude, Rishi thanks Shalu for the information.

Rishi contacts Malishka, urging her to join him. However, when Malishka attempts to enter the car, Ayush startles her, leading to an argument between the two. In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Rishi requests Ayush to sit in the backseat while allowing Malishka to occupy the front seat. Ayush reluctantly agrees and moves to the back, while Malishka settles in the front. Despite the seating arrangement, Malishka and Ayush continue their dispute unabated. Becoming exasperated with their ongoing argument, Rishi declares his intention to go to Lakshmi. Realizing he misspoke, Rishi quickly fabricates an excuse to conceal his slip of the tongue before departing from the scene. Seeking suggestions on their destination, Rishi inquires with Malishka. Recalling Karishma’s advice, Malishka proposes they visit 9th Road jewelers. Rishi experiences a sense of relief as he also desires to visit the same place.

Meanwhile, Vikrant informs Lakshmi that they have received a fortunate message from Anjana, notifying them that the shop they initially planned to visit is closed. Vikrant suggests to Lakshmi that they consider going to 9th Road instead.

Rishi’s car abruptly halts in the middle of the road, catching the attention of Vikrant and Lakshmi. They spot Rishi and Malishka standing by the roadside. Promptly, Vikrant steps out of his own car and inquires about the situation. Rishi explains that their car broke down unexpectedly. Concerned, Vikrant offers them a ride and asks where they need to go. Malishka informs him that they are headed to the 9th Road jewelry shop. She then asks Vikrant if they were supposed to visit the jewelers on 8th Road instead. Vikrant clarifies that the mentioned shop is closed. Without further ado, Rishi, Ayush, and Malishka hop into Vikrant’s car.

Inside the vehicle, Rishi decides to take over the driving to ensure their safety. He concocts a story, claiming that a buffalo suddenly appeared on the road, and suggests he should drive for caution’s sake. Agreeing to the plan, Vikrant allows Rishi to take the wheel. Lakshmi, however, notices that there was no buffalo on the road. Curious, she questions Rishi, but he swiftly comes up with an excuse to divert her attention.

Finally, they arrive at the jewelry shop. As they approach, Lakshmi notices an elderly lady struggling nearby and immediately offers her assistance in crossing the road. Alongside the old lady stands a child, prompting Lakshmi to inquire about their connection. The old lady explains that the child is considered unlucky, burdened with health issues and lacking the financial means for treatment. Upon hearing this, Lakshmi compassionately removes her bangles and presents them to the elderly woman. Malishka interjects, making a remark about Lakshmi’s behavior, and requests Vikrant to intervene. However, to everyone’s surprise, Vikrant expresses his pride and admiration for Lakshmi’s selfless act.

[Episode End]

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