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Bhagya Lakshmi 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Rishi expressing to Neelam that she has achieved her goal of keeping him away from Lakshmi. Determined to protect Lakshmi, he declares that he will stand in front of her like a shield. Rishi acknowledges that while Neelam gave him life, Lakshmi gave him a reason to live. He firmly states that he has no regrets, even if he loses his life while saving Lakshmi. Neelam pleads with him, assuring him that she will handle everything and begs him not to make such a decision. Rishi remains resolute, proclaiming that he will save Lakshmi’s life. Neelam, unable to bear the thought of her son’s life being in danger, asserts her rights as his mother, willing to do anything for him. She swears that if he persists, he will witness her lifeless face. Rishi insists that he will fulfill his decision and save Lakshmi. He tells Neelam that if anything happens to Lakshmi, he will sacrifice his own life since she is his entire world. Tearfully, he implores Neelam to let him go and not hinder him. Overwhelmed with emotions, Lakshmi approaches Virender and offers him his juice while reminding him to take his medicine. Virender gazes at her neck, noticing the absence of her mangalsutra. He expresses his profound love for Lakshmi, causing her to become emotional and embrace him. She confesses her feelings of loneliness, as if their relationship has ended forever. Virender reassures her that her bond with Rishi may be severed, but she will always be connected to them. He urges her not to cry, praising her strength as his courageous daughter who always prioritizes their well-being. Lakshmi acknowledges the immense happiness her family has brought her but believes it is not destined to last. Virender assures her that wherever she may be, her happiness will endure. They embrace each other tightly while the song “Bhagyalakshmi” plays in the background.

Rishi’s tears continued to flow, but Karishma approached him, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. In that moment, he realized that everything he had experienced was merely a figment of his imagination. Determined not to let anyone know he had overheard their conversation, he decided to approach his mother to inquire about her well-being and remind her to take her medication on time. With a sense of purpose, he excused himself and left the room.

Curiosity got the better of Karishma, who turned to Neelam and inquired about the matter. Neelam sensed that Rishi was concealing something, something that had deeply troubled him. Karishma admitted her uncertainty, acknowledging that they were both clueless about what could have caused Rishi’s distress.

Rishi’s mind retraced the steps that led him to this moment – Pandit ji’s words, Neelam’s insistence on going to the teerat yatra, and her warning to stay away from Lakshmi, claiming that Vikrant was meant for her. Determined to protect Lakshmi at all costs, Rishi recalled Neelam’s words about being a barrier between them if he truly desired her happiness. The memories flooded his thoughts as he realized that Lakshmi had been his savior throughout his life, yet his mother failed to understand his connection with her. He contemplated the consequences of sharing this information with his mother and concluded that she would try to prevent him from taking action. Firm in his decision, he vowed to safeguard Lakshmi’s life, declaring that he wouldn’t allow even a scratch to befall her.

Concerned, Karishma asked Neelam if Rishi had overheard their conversation. Neelam urged her not to worry, but the seed of doubt lingered in her mind. Karishma encouraged her to remain patient and suggested waiting to see if Rishi would discover the truth on his own. Neelam tried to compose herself, settling down in her seat to calm her racing thoughts.

Meanwhile, Rishi frantically searched for Lakshmi. To his dismay, he found Vikrant accompanying Dadi, who handed Lakshmi a glass of water. Dadi mentioned that Vikrant had picked her up from outside the Gurudwara. Rishi’s anxiety grew, and he questioned Dadi about their destination, desperate for any information. Dadi casually mentioned that Vikrant had taken Lakshmi to buy an engagement ring, unaware of the underlying tension. Neelam and Karishma arrived at the scene just then.

Rishi’s immediate concern was to find Lakshmi. He asked Dadi for further details, desperate to know where she had gone. Dadi, oblivious to the brewing storm, innocently explained that Vikrant had taken Lakshmi for the ring shopping. Perplexed, Rishi absorbed this information, inwardly debating whether to call Vikrant or not. Eventually, he decided against it, instead opting to focus on Malishka’s jewelry shopping for their impending wedding.

Just as Rishi expressed his intentions, Malishka arrived, her face lighting up with joy. Neelam couldn’t help but wonder if Rishi had discovered the truth. However, Karishma assured her that if he had, he would have confronted them already.

[Episode End]

Precap : Karishma informs Malishka that they need to head towards 8th road and suggests that Malishka should visit their jeweler located on 9th road. In response, Malishka expresses uncertainty about how they will manage to get closer to their destination. Neelam interjects, confidently stating that such an occurrence won’t happen today. Ayush playfully teases Malishka, prompting Rishi to urge Ayush to leave as he is running late to meet Lakshmi. Subsequently, an elderly woman offers her blessings to Rishi and Lakshmi, wishing for their eternal togetherness. Malishka and Vikrant are taken aback by this unexpected turn of events.

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