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Bhagya Lakshmi 13th May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene begins with Virendra inquiring Anjana why his eldest son didn’t show up yet. Anjana responds by saying that he is always occupied and even though she had advised him to attend the wedding, he couldn’t make it. Later, Anjana suggests to Neelam and Virendra that they should decide the engagement date as soon as possible. Rano also comments on it. Meanwhile, Saloni approaches Malishka and compliments her on her appearance. She then proceeds to inquire about Rishi and Lakshmi’s divorce. However, Malishka is hesitant to answer her questions. At this moment, Anjana calls Saloni over, and Malishka is relieved that she no longer has to respond to Saloni’s queries. Malishka vents to Sonia about Saloni’s questions and expresses the need to prepare responses for such situations. Sonia agrees with her.

Shalu and Bani inquire from Ayush whether the completion of the pre-engagement ceremony implies that everything is finished. Ayush clarifies to them that there are still more things to be done. He advises Shalu and Bani to remain calm and let things take their course, as they have done their part but it did not succeed. Ayush affirms that they can only discover happiness in the present situation.

Dadi questions Vikrant whether she talked excessively. Vikrant assures her that there is nothing to worry about and pledges to never give them a reason to complain.

Malishka approached Rishi and asked him where he had been. Rishi replied that he was in his room and inquired about what had happened. Malishka then informed Rishi that Sonali had asked her why they had divorced, which had been difficult for her to handle. Suddenly, Rishi noticed that Lakshmi’s dress had caught fire and urgently called out for her. Vikrant attempted to put out the fire, but Rishi quickly ripped off Lakshmi’s burning dress and threw it away. Vikrant expressed his gratitude to Rishi for saving Lakshmi. However, Rishi angrily scolded Vikrant for not noticing the fire and questioned whether he truly deserved Lakshmi.

Neelam and Karishma anticipated that Vikrant would argue with Rishi and break off his marriage in frustration. But instead, Vikrant explained to Rishi that he had not seen the fire and suggested that Rishi would have missed it too if he had been in Vikrant’s position. Vikrant still apologized to Rishi and everyone else for not taking proper care of Lakshmi. Neelam and Karishma were impressed by Vikrant’s polite and gentlemanly behavior. Virendra and Dadi also praised Vikrant for his actions and told Rishi that he had overreacted. Rishi apologized to Vikrant for his outburst and acknowledged that he had overreacted. In response, Vikrant told Rishi not to apologize and instead thanked him for saving Lakshmi. Finally, Rano instructed Lakshmi to go change her dress.

Neelam inquires Virendra about his feelings towards Vikrant and reminds him that she had chosen him for Lakshmi. Virendra expresses that his primary concern is Vikrant’s care for Lakshmi.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi recollects recent events and ponders over Rishi’s behavior. She fears that someone might misinterpret their interactions and decides to talk to Rishi about it.

Ayush takes Rishi aside and questions him about his overreaction. Rishi admits that his behavior was influenced by his feelings for Lakshmi. Ayush reminds Rishi that he is now just a friend to Lakshmi and that Vikrant is her fiancé. He urges Rishi to let Vikrant take care of Lakshmi.

During a conversation between Shalu and Lakshmi, Shalu expressed her belief that it would have been better if Rishi and Vikrant had fought and ended the marriage. Lakshmi questioned Shalu’s reasoning behind this statement, to which Shalu responded that she had doubts about the marriage’s legitimacy. Lakshmi then reminded Shalu of the promise she had made. Despite this, Shalu continued to discuss her concerns about Vikrant and Rishi’s relationship, emphasizing that Rishi’s argument with Vikrant was a result of his love for Lakshmi.

[Episode End]

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