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Bhagya Lakshmi 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Vikrant extending an invitation to Lakshmi, urging her to visit his home. Lakshmi, expressing regret, explains that it may not be appropriate since she is alone without any family members accompanying her. Acknowledging her concern, Vikrant concurs with her decision. As Rishi and Malishka exit the car, Rishi patiently waits for Vikrant and Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Malishka makes a passing remark about Rishi eagerly awaiting Lakshmi’s arrival before departing from the scene.

Eventually, Vikrant and Lakshmi arrive at the grand Oberoi mansion. Rishi warmly welcomes Lakshmi inside. Sensing the time slipping away, Vikrant bids his farewell and departs. Rishi and Lakshmi step into the Oberoi mansion together, filled with nostalgia as they reminisce about the joyful moments they shared in the past.

Observing Rishi and Lakshmi entering the house, Malishka cynically praises them while launching a verbal attack. Rishi, in response, reminds Malishka that their previous encounter was merely a coincidence and requests her to make way for Lakshmi. Irritated by the argument, Malishka storms off, leaving the scene.

Rishi implores Malishka to cease her constant bickering. At that moment, Neelam notices Rishi’s presence and expresses concern for his well-being. She asks him if he enjoyed spending time with Lakshmi. Rishi remains silent, his thoughts tangled.

Malishka continues her complaints about Rishi and Lakshmi, emphasizing their refusal to part ways. This sparks another heated argument between Rishi and Malishka. Neelam intervenes, instructing Malishka to leave the premises. Neelam then turns her attention to Lakshmi and advises her to depart as well.

Addressing Rishi directly, Neelam questions his actions and advises him to distance himself from Lakshmi. She emphasizes that Malishka misunderstood their intentions today and warns that Vikrant may misconstrue their relationship in the future. Rishi counters, assuring Neelam that Vikrant would never have such thoughts about them. Neelam questions Rishi’s reliance on chance and asks him if he would appreciate it if Vikrant pointed fingers at Lakshmi or questioned her character. She concludes by suggesting that it is in Lakshmi’s best interest for Rishi to stay away from her.

Hearing Neelam’s words, Rishi silently absorbs her advice and eventually departs from the scene, contemplating his next course of action.

Karishma approached Neelam and questioned her about why she had sent Malishka away in such a manner. Neelam complained to Karishma, stating that Malishka needed to learn how to control Rishi herself. Neelam suggested that Malishka could seek guidance from Lakshmi on how to handle Rishi, emphasizing that she needed to prioritize taking care of Rishi’s life before addressing Malishka’s concerns. Neelam requested Karishma to allow Malishka to try handling the situation first, assuring her that she would provide assistance as always. Karishma expressed her belief that Neelam needed to be strict with her children. Neelam shared that she had spoken with Rishi and hoped that he would distance himself from Lakshmi. Karishma dismissed Neelam’s hopes, making a comment about it. Neelam stressed the importance of handling this matter with care as it involved Rishi’s life, reminding Karishma that Rishi was not a child anymore. Karishma acknowledged Neelam’s point.

Rishi retreated to his room, reflecting on his mother’s words. He realized that he couldn’t allow anything wrong to happen in Lakshmi’s life. Determined, Rishi silently resolved to stay away from Lakshmi.

While closing the cupboard, Lakshmi accidentally injured herself. Rishi noticed her and had the urge to go and help, but he restrained himself. Meanwhile, Ayush dreamt about his moments with Shalu as he slept. Rishi attempted to wake Ayush up, but when his efforts failed, he resorted to pouring a glass of water on Ayush’s face. Ayush woke up, confused, and asked what had happened. Rishi informed Ayush that Lakshmi had hurt her hand and instructed him to give her the ointment. Ayush questioned why Rishi couldn’t give it to Lakshmi himself, but Rishi shouted at him and insisted that he go and deliver the ointment to Lakshmi.

Ayush gently holds Lakshmi’s hand, and she calls out Rishi’s name. Ayush assures her that it’s him and proceeds to apply ointment to her wound. Curious, Lakshmi asks how he knew about her injury. Ayush explains that Rishi informed him and sent him to help her. He also congratulates Lakshmi on winning the best couple competition.

Meanwhile, Rishi observes Ayush emerging from the room and inquires about Lakshmi’s well-being. Ayush assures him that she’s fine but questions why Rishi himself doesn’t go and meet her if he’s so concerned. Rishi deflects the question and sends Ayush away. Lakshmi wonders why Rishi didn’t come to help her, despite knowing about her injury. She speculates that Neelam aunty must have explained the situation to Rishi, suggesting that it would be better for them to maintain a distance since Malishka is also upset.

[Episode End]

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