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Bhagya Lakshmi 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Neelam encountering Pandit Ji near the house. Rishi recollects his inability to witness Lakshmi removing her mangalsutra. Rishi contemplates refraining from seeing Lakshmi, believing it to be the right course of action. He resolves to accept the reality that Lakshmi is set to marry Vikrant while he himself will marry Malishka. Thoughts of Lakshmi consume Rishi’s mind. Meanwhile, Lakshmi tenderly places her bangles and mangalsutra inside a drawer, wondering why she is experiencing such intense anguish. Overwhelmed with sorrow, Lakshmi sheds tears in solitude and earnestly implores her father to return.

Lakshmi believes she must seek justice for Malishka. She wipes away her tears, and Ayush approaches her, expressing concern for her well-being. Inquiring why he is asking, Lakshmi reassures Ayush that she is alright. Ayush assures her that she can confide in him, but Lakshmi insists that she is fine. Grateful for Ayush’s consideration, she thanks him, and he departs.

Rishi notices Neelam and Karishma conversing with a Pandit. The Pandit reveals that Rishi’s markesh Dosh is now affecting Lakshmi, and she will face danger three to four times at least. Neelam acknowledges their awareness of this fact and emphasizes the importance of keeping it a secret. She instructs the Pandit to perform a Pooja for Rishi and Lakshmi, reasoning that Rishi would go to any lengths to protect Lakshmi if she were in danger. Neelam hands a check to the Pandit, stating that she is prepared to give him any amount of money if it ensures Rishi’s safety.

Dadi appears and informs Lakshmi of her intention to visit the Gurudwara. Observing Lakshmi without her Mangalsutra, Dadi offers words of encouragement, assuring her that only positive things lie ahead.

Rishi’s mind echoes with the words of the Pandit. He realizes that Lakshmi might be in peril because of him, as his Makesh Dosh is affecting her. Memories of Neelam’s behavior resurface, and he comprehends that she intends to keep him away from Lakshmi. Rishi believes that Neelam has been dishonest with her. Just then, Dadi arrives, boards the car, and drives away.

Meanwhile, Neelam hopes for Rishi’s safety and fervently prays to God. Rishi approaches Neelam, and she inquires about what happened. He reveals that he is injured and accuses her of hurting him emotionally. Confused, Neelam asks for clarification. Rishi confronts her, revealing that she concealed the truth from him about Lakshmi’s life being in danger. Neelam’s worst fear materializes as Rishi uncovers the truth. Rishi accuses Neelam of deceiving Lakshmi once again, pointing out how she deceived him by orchestrating their marriage. He questions why Neelam is betraying Lakshmi once more. In her defense, Neelam denies the betrayal, claiming that Lakshmi’s predicament is a result of her fate (Bhagya). She questions Rishi on what she can do if her destiny is problematic. Rishi reminds Neelam that she never abandoned him during his previous predicaments, unlike her current actions of keeping Lakshmi away. He blames Neelam for attempting to separate him from Lakshmi, disregarding how many times Lakshmi has saved him from danger.

[Episode End]

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