Anupamaa 22 May 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 22 May 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Anuj envisions Anupama rousing him from his slumber. He senses Anupama’s presence and yearns for her. Maya enters Anuj’s room and inquires about his sleep. Maya assumes that Anuj must have had a restful night in his own room. Anuj departs, mentioning that he needs to prepare Anu. Maya contemplates that she will soon take over Anuj’s room as well. She confidently states that she has established her position in Anuj’s life and believes she will soon win his heart as well. Maya smirks, reveling in her thoughts.

Meanwhile, Dimple expresses her grievances to Samar about his lack of communication. Samar explains to Dimple that everyone was engrossed in discussing the sangeet ceremony, and Anupama was showering him with attention. Dimple questions why Samar disregarded her. Samar insists that he didn’t ignore her. Dimple confesses that she enjoyed seeing Anuj and Maya sitting together, showing reverence for her. Samar asks Dimple if she noticed that Anuj and Maya’s behavior seemed peculiar. Dimple advises Samar to overlook it and then asks him about their honeymoon destination.

Dimple makes a suggestion for London, but Samar reminds her to keep their financial status in mind. Dimple proposes that they switch rooms with Vanraj since their honeymoon suite is small. Samar refuses the idea and Dimple insists that he prepares the room for them instead. Samar requests some time to do so. Dimple mentions that Anuj might help with their honeymoon plans, but Samar declines his assistance. He even suggests that Dimple reconsider the marriage if she wishes.

Meanwhile, Anupama and Nakul participate in a dance competition. Malti praises Anupama, declaring her better than Nakul. Nakul is left stunned by the comment. Malti asks Anupama to attend a costume trial later that day, while Anupama thinks about Samar’s sangeet. Anupama requests Malti to attend Samar’s wedding, but Malti walks away without responding. Nakul also leaves without saying anything to Anupama. Bhairvi asks Anupama about Nakul’s behavior, to which she replies that she is clueless. Anupama urges Bhairvi to go home and get some rest. She prays to God to intervene and ensure that Malti attends Samar’s wedding, then decides to go to the market.

Anuj and Anupama unexpectedly cross paths at the market. Anuj informs Anupama that she will be heading to the USA soon. Anupama expresses her determination to go this time without fail. Meanwhile, Vanraj anxiously awaits Anupama’s arrival. Leela notices Vanraj’s unease and inquires about his state. Vanraj confides in Leela that Bhairvi returned long ago, but he is unsure of Anupama’s whereabouts. Concerned, Maya speculates that Anuj might have gone to the Shah House to meet Anupama.

Curious, Anupama urges Anuj to address the matter they couldn’t resolve the previous day. However, Anuj evades the question and refuses to respond. Eventually, they decide to accompany Anupama to the Shah House. Despite Anupama’s initial refusal, Anuj insists and persuades her to sit on his bike.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anuj shares with Anupama the reasons that prevented him from reuniting with her, while tenderly embracing her.

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