Anupamaa 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Pakhi questions the reason behind Anuj’s arrival. Paritosh wonders who invited him in the first place. Kinjal asks how he found out about the wedding. Dimple reveals that she informed Anuj, and he willingly agreed to contribute to the wedding expenses. She further mentions that Anuj suggested having half of the functions at Kapadia Mansion. Vanraj questions if this is all a joke. Pakhi dismisses the idea of Anuj’s return as nonsensical.

Paritosh expresses doubt about Anuj’s comeback. Samar states that Anuj’s presence is crucial for the wedding to take place. Dimple is questioned about why she contacted Anuj. She explains that she merely informed him, and he willingly agreed to come. Leela suspects that Dimple might be lying. Anupama believes that just as Anuj made the decision not to return, she will not hold back this time for anyone either. She resolves to focus on herself.

One Month Later,Samar inquires of Pakhi and Paritosh about their approach to creating a couple name, suggesting they inject some originality into it. Kinjal sides with Pakhi and Paritosh, prompting Samar to inquire playfully if she is teasing him. Kinjal, Paritosh, and Pakhi playfully tease Samar in return, causing him to become irritated.

Anupama arrives at Gurukul, where Malti Devi questions whether Samar’s wedding takes precedence over her own commitments. Malti proceeds to chastise Anupama with a stick for her second instance of tardiness and threatens to terminate her contract. Anupama apologizes to Malti (though it was only a dream).

Returning to reality, Anupama awakens Bhairvi and urges her to prepare promptly to avoid being late. She hastens her preparations. Samar contacts Anupama, requesting to speak with Pakhi, Paritosh, and Kinjal regarding the couple name “#Sample.” Anupama finds amusement in the request and laughs. Samar jokingly asks if Anupama is also partaking in their antics. Anupama advises Samar not to let it bother him. Samar then invites Anupama to join the veneration, as the wedding festivities will commence today. Anupama assures him that she remembers and will be there.

Anupama contemplates that Anuj will also be present at the ceremony. Kanta gazes at Anupama. Leela adorns Samar while the Shahs fret about Anuj’s return. Vanraj believes he can perceive Anupama becoming upset whenever Anuj’s name is mentioned. He hopes that Anuj doesn’t come back. Anupama arrives late at Gurukul. Malti instructs Anupama to stand on one foot as punishment for being three minutes late. Anupama accepts the penalty.

Dimple and Ankush mention that Anuj is staying at a hotel. Ankush declares his intention to bring him back to the house. Barkha states that since Anupama is not present, Anuj won’t come to Kapadia Mansion. Adhik questions Ankush about his efforts to bring Anuj back. Ankush explains that as Anuj’s elder brother, it is his responsibility. He also reveals that he hasn’t informed Anuj yet about the company’s losses due to Adhik and Barkha.

Paritosh confides in Kinjal, asking her why Anuj is returning. He also inquires about her thoughts on their previous conversation. Kinjal informs him that she is not interested. Malti confronts Anupama for her tardiness. Anupama discusses Samar’s wedding, to which Malti warns that she will cancel the contract if Anupama is late again. Anupama extends an invitation to Malti for Samar’s wedding.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anuj, accompanied by Maya and Anu, makes a surprising reappearance, leaving Anupama utterly stunned.

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