Anupamaa 15th May 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 15th May 2023 Written Story Update On

In today’s episode, Anupama expresses her gratitude towards Malti, who then requests Anupama to complete her tasks within a month. Malti reveals her plan to travel to the USA with Bhairvi once the work is done, as their training is scheduled to begin soon. Both Anupama and Bhairvi become ecstatic at the prospect of flying to the USA. Bhairvi mentions that she has never been anywhere other than Ahmedabad, so going directly to the USA is an exciting prospect for her. Anupama expresses her joy at her childhood dream finally coming true and can’t contain her excitement.

Meanwhile, Samar and Dimple distribute sweets to everyone, and the Shahs bless them. Dimple expresses her gratitude to Leela for accepting her into the family. However, Leela responds rudely to Dimple, leaving her perplexed. Dimple questions why Leela always speaks ill of her, to which Leela confesses that it’s because she doesn’t love her. Dimple apologizes for her past behavior and asks for forgiveness. Leela reveals that her anger stems from Anupama and Anuj’s lack of interest, causing her concern about the wedding.

Anupama made the decision to give Leela a call, but as she reached for her mobile, she realized that the battery had drained. Just then, Nakul encountered Anupama and Bhairvi. Curious, Bhairvi inquired whether Malti was perpetually angry. Nakul responded by describing Malti as someone who possessed an abundance of love, artistic talent, and more. He shared his personal story of how Malti had embraced him after he became an orphan, emphasizing that Malti had the power to transform the life of anyone she chose. Meanwhile, from a distance, Malti caught sight of Anupama, Nakul, and Bhairvi. Nakul encouraged Anupama to prepare herself as her life was on the brink of change, urging her to arrive at the Gurukul by 7 PM the following day. Bhairvi assured that they would arrive early.

Anupama called out to Kanta, who sensed her happiness and engaged in conversation. Anupama disclosed to Kanta and Bhavesh that Malti had selected her and would be taking her to the United States. Anupama expressed her concern to Kanta, questioning whether she had rushed into signing the contract. Kanta advised Anupama not to overthink the situation, urging her to let go of the Birlas and Kapadias and focus on her own dreams.

Anupama’s face lit up with joy as she received the news. Bhavesh and Kanta, recognizing her happiness, made a decision to pay Anupama a visit in the USA.

Just then, Leela called Anupama, urging her to come over to the house for an important discussion regarding Samar and Dimple. Anupama obliged and headed to the Shahs’ residence. Leela expressed her inability to handle all the wedding preparations due to her age and requested Anupama to take charge of arranging Samar and Dimple’s wedding. Vanraj assured Leela not to worry, while Anupama bestowed her blessings upon Samar and Dimple.

Curiosity piqued, the Shahs inquired if Anupama had received the news she was waiting for. Anupama informed them that she would soon be going to the USA with Malti. This revelation left Leela, Paritosh, and Vanraj stunned. However, Hasmuk, Pakhi, and Kinjal couldn’t contain their happiness. Hasmuk congratulated Anupama and expressed his joy for her.

Anupama went on to explain how her dreams of going to the USA were shattered before and how deeply it had affected her. Hasmuk felt a surge of pride for Anupama and her resilience. Leela, on the other hand, couldn’t help but wonder when Anupama would find the time to prepare for Dimple and Samar’s wedding amidst her upcoming journey to the USA.

Samar advises Anupama to prioritize her training, emphasizing its importance. Leela, in turn, urges Anupama to attend this particular event. Anupama feels delighted upon receiving permission from Leela. Vanraj extends his best wishes to Anupama. However, Anupama is taken aback when she learns that Anuj, accompanied by Maya, will be attending Dimple and Samar’s wedding.

[Episode End]

Precap : The pre-wedding function of Samar and Dimple commences, and within it, Anupama finds herself dreaming about Anuj.

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