Anupamaa 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Maaya was overcome by an anxiety attack when she saw Anuj talking to Anupama. Concerned, Anuj asked her if she was alright. Maaya, filled with worry, questioned why he was talking to Anupama and wondered if he would leave her and go back to Anupama. In an attempt to calm her down, Anuj advised her to relax and take deep breaths. The Shah family noticed Maaya’s distress and inquired about what had happened. Anuj assured them that she was fine. Sensing her discomfort, Maaya suggested they go to their own house as she was feeling uneasy there. Little Anu added that even Uncle/Kaka had invited them to visit their home. Vanraj suggested to Anuj that he should go home, while asking Anupama to stay behind. However, Anupama insisted on going to her own house. In the midst of this, Barkha messaged Vanraj, inquiring if Anuj had revealed the truth to Anupama. Vanraj replied that he didn’t think so and suggested they let things continue as they were. Anuj then left with the Kapadia family to the Kapadia mansion, while the song “Jiye To Jiye Kaise Bin Aapke..” played in the background.

Upon arriving at the Kapadia mansion, Little Anu became excited at the thought of spending the whole day playing with Pakhi. However, Barkha informed her that Pakhi couldn’t join them as she had left her brother’s wedding to attend her friend’s wedding instead. Meanwhile, Anuj imagined Anupama and felt a sense of happiness. Anupama remarked that he didn’t pay attention to her when she was right in front of him, but when she wasn’t around, he imagined her, which meant that she was the one who occupied his heart. She encouraged him to look at the house they were in, explaining that it was like their heart, with him as its heartbeat, and every corner and item serving as a reminder of her presence. Anuj agreed, admitting that she was right. However, Anupama told him that he was still making more mistakes than before. Anuj apologized, but Anupama felt that his apology wasn’t sufficient. Little Anu called out to Anuj, bringing him back from his daydreaming state.

Barkha approached Maaya and inquired whether she should move her bags to Anuj’s room or the guest room, considering she wasn’t aware of their relationship status yet. She mentioned that if Maaya preferred the guest room, they would need to relocate Anupama from there. Anuj intervened, stating that Maaya would remain in her previous guest room and requested Barkha to ensure its readiness. Ankush expressed to Anuj his determination not to let him leave, regardless of any insistence. An emotional embrace followed between the two. Ankush suggested that after Dimpy’s wedding, Anuj should visit the office. Anuj agreed, stating his intention to review the accounts and regain involvement. This revelation made Barkha and Adhik uneasy. Meanwhile, Anupama felt disheartened, pondering how Anuj could bring Maaya into their house. She recalled Anuj’s attempt to tell her something but abruptly stopping upon seeing Maaya. Anuj, remembering Anupama’s words, apologized to her.

The following day, Leela gathered the family and revealed that she had prepared a pain oil for them. However, they all declined, asserting that they were not old like her. Leela insisted that they would feel the pain after the upcoming sangeet ceremony. Anupama declared that they would rock the ceremony with their performance that night. Leela suggested that Maaya should feel jealous witnessing their performance. Just then, Kavya entered the room. Anupama suggested that they have a fantastic performance that evening. However, Kavya expressed her inability to dance that night. Samar assured her that she would dance once she saw them perform. Kinjal urged Kavya to stay until Samar’s wedding was over, and everyone else joined in persuading her. Vanraj remarked that they shouldn’t force her, as she would be visiting them frequently. Anupama silently contemplated what would transpire during the sangeet ceremony that night.

[Episode End]

Precap : In a bustling market, Anupama and Anuj cross paths, their eyes meeting with excitement. Curious, Anupama inquires about what Anuj had been wanting to share. With enthusiasm, Anuj proceeds to narrate the series of events that unfolded after his departure from Mumbai to meet her. Filled with warmth and joy, they embrace each other tightly, relishing the long-awaited reunion.

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