Anupamaa 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On

In the latest episode, Anupama expresses her reverence towards Samar, stating that if it holds significance, she is willing to sit with Vanraj. Leela, curious about Dimple’s choice, inquires who will accompany her. Surprisingly, Anuj decides to participate in the veneration from Dimple’s side, and Maya joins him. This unexpected turn leaves Anupama and the others astounded. Kanta raises a question about Maya’s presence, to which Maya responds that she resides with Anuj and plans to be with him indefinitely. Hasmuk confides in Bhavesh, revealing that Anupama isn’t perturbed by Maya’s response, but rather affected by Anuj’s silence.

Dolly queries Leela about the possibility of Anuj and Maya getting married, to which Leela admits being unaware. Paritosh confides in Pakhi that he is affected by the situation, while Kinjal mentions to Kavya that they seem to be missing some crucial details. Anuj, Anupama, Vanraj, and Maya proceed with the veneration ceremony.

In a separate conversation, Dimple discloses to Samar that Pakhi left due to their argument. Samar attempts to make Dimple understand that Pakhi is sensitive when it comes to family issues, which is why she left. He further explains that Pakhi struggles to handle such matters and that’s why she left again today. Dimple asserts that everyone has spoiled Pakhi, resulting in her behavior being accepted without question. Samar requests Dimple not to let it affect her mood, but Dimple insists that she won’t spare anyone, be it Pakhi or Leela. Unbeknownst to them, Dolly overhears Samar and Dimple’s conversation.

Kinjal questions Anupama about why she didn’t intervene and stop Pakhi from leaving. Anupama explains to Kinjal that Pakhi is a sensitive individual. Samar joins Anupama and Kinjal, stating that Pakhi should have waited for his brother’s wedding. Anupama helps Samar understand that Pakhi’s departure wasn’t solely because of him. Samar expresses that it would have been better if he and Dimple had opted for a court marriage. Kinjal suggests that things would have been different if Anuj hadn’t brought Maya into the picture. She further asks Anupama why she didn’t say anything when Maya sat with Anuj. Anupama responds that it is up to Anuj to speak, and she will wait until he does. Kinjal inquires whether Anupama still trusts Anuj, to which Anupama affirms that she trusts him even more than before.

Samar decides to inform Anuj that Anupama is happy without him. He calls out to Anupama and expresses his happiness that she is going to America to pursue her dreams. Anuj is pleased by this news. The Shah family praises Anupama and shares their joy regarding her upcoming move to the USA. Leela and the others decide to organize the wedding functions according to Anupama’s preferences, ensuring that she doesn’t miss out on her dance. They discuss the wedding arrangements.

Maya and Barkha propose dividing the wedding functions between the two households. They suggest that Anupama wouldn’t have any issues attending the functions at the Kapadia house. Anupama is taken aback by this suggestion. Hasmuk assures Kanta not to worry, as he will definitely talk to Anuj about it.

Anuj refuses to shift to the Kapadia house, prompting Maya to question whether he is concerned about Anupama’s memories.

[Episode End]

Precap : Anuj makes the decision to have a conversation with Anupama, causing Maya and Vanraj to become restless.

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