Agnisakshi 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Jeevika encountering Sidhi and engaging in a conversation. Jeevika inquires about Sidhi’s happiness with Satvik and whether his family approves of their relationship. Jeevika emphasizes the importance of Sidhi making significant decisions in her life and taking charge of her own happiness. Meanwhile, Satvik adamantly declines Rajnandini’s assistance, expressing his unwillingness to involve anyone in the ongoing investigation due to his concern for Jeevika. Satvik believes that someone, who aided Rao in committing the grave mistake of kidnapping Jeevika, should face consequences, and he is determined to personally teach that person a lesson. Jeevika reassures Sidhi that Satvik is not a malicious person but rather someone who is caring and deserving of a loving partner. In response, Sidhi questions Jeevika about her own feelings. Jeevika explains that she is referring to Supriya and Satvik, highlighting Satvik’s affection for Supriya. Jeevika reveals that her intention is to reunite the two of them. Sidhi advises Jeevika against sacrificing her own love for the sake of others. However, Jeevika firmly believes that it is now crucial to resolve the misunderstandings between Supriya and Satvik.

Jeevika implores Sidhi to assist her in bringing them together. Satvik informs Sampath that he requires Mr. Rao’s bank details as well. Just then, Shlok arrives and expresses his desire to speak with Satvik. Shlok questions why Satvik met Supriya the previous day. Rajnandini and he witnessed Satvik embracing Supriya. Jeevika was also present with them. Satvik assures Shlok that Jeevika didn’t mention anything about it. Shlok inquires how Jeevika would confront him about it and whether he is still in contact with his ex-girlfriend or has lingering feelings for her. Satvik experiences guilt.

Meanwhile, Jeevika searches for Supriya and notices a group of thugs chasing her. Jeevika intervenes and saves Supriya from their clutches. Supriya expresses her gratitude to Jeevika for saving her life. Jeevika asks her to explain what is going on and assures her that she can help if there’s any problem. Supriya acknowledges Jeevika’s significant assistance. Jeevika informs her that they are connected through Satvik.

Satvik informs Shlok that it’s not the complete truth, only half of it. Shlok informs him that Jeevika was deeply hurt upon seeing him with Supriya. Shlok reminds Satvik that Jeevika takes immense care of his family and because of her, Narayanan’s health has improved. Doesn’t he care about Jeevika? She loved him. If she were to leave their family, their family would fall apart. Satvik assures him that nothing like that will happen. Supriya asks Jeevika if she is aware of their relationship. Jeevika admits that she learned about it when she saw them together yesterday. She asks Supriya if she still loves Satvik. Supriya nods in affirmation. Sidhi then questions why Supriya left him.

Supriya discloses to Jeevika that she hails from a conservative family. Her father forcefully insisted that she marry the man he had chosen for her. Helpless and without any alternative, she agreed to the marriage and left Satvik behind. However, it later came to light that the person her father chose was actually a criminal. Supriya yearns to reconcile with Satvik, but he is now married to Jeevika.

Curious about Supriya’s pursuer, Jeevika inquires about who had been chasing her. Supriya confesses that it was the criminal himself who had been after her. Deeply concerned, Jeevika warns Supriya that she is in danger and advises her to exercise caution. Jeevika offers Supriya the option to stay at her home for safety, but Supriya declines, not wanting to burden Satvik any further. She politely requests Jeevika not to coerce her, emphasizing her desire not to cause more trouble.

In the meantime, Swara sends a message to Shlok to inquire about Jeevika’s well-being. Meanwhile, Satvik diligently searches for Jeevika, and they have a conversation over the phone. Jeevika urges Supriya to return home promptly. However, Ruhi informs them that Jeevika has yet to come back. Despite initial reluctance from Satvik and the others, Jeevika insists on taking Supriya along, explaining that Supriya is in grave danger and she intends to protect her.

Satvik and the rest of the group are hesitant to allow Supriya to stay with them, but Jeevika manages to persuade them. Assuring Supriya, Jeevika welcomes her to stay and provides solace, understanding that Supriya doubts whether she will be accepted. Jeevika consoles her, offering support and reassurance.

[Episode End]

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