Agnisakshi 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The story begins with Jeevika suggesting to Shlok that she can cook something for him at home instead of going out. Shlok expresses his craving for restaurant noodles and disagrees. Adaya joins the conversation, saying that they eat homemade food every day and it’s enjoyable to eat out once in a while. Adaya and Shlok start arguing like children, causing Jeevika to threaten to leave if they continue fighting.

The server recognizes Satvik and Supriya at the restaurant and comments that they haven’t been there in a while. Shlok asks Jeevika why Satvik and Supriya are there, and Jeevika suggests leaving for another restaurant. Shlok points out that all the other restaurants might be crowded. Satvik becomes angry at Jeevika for suggesting leaving. Meanwhile, Supriya asks Satvik if he loves her, and he responds negatively. Satvik mentions Jeevika’s name and invites her to join them, shocking Supriya. Satvik and Jeevika greet each other.

Shlok asks Satvik why he chose this restaurant, and suggests eating together if they don’t mind. Supriya assures him that they are not disturbing their lunch. Shlok decides to order Kabab for Satvik. Supriya intentionally mentions that she always orders the same dish whenever they come to this restaurant. Jeevika asks if they had been to the restaurant before, and Supriya reveals that they used to come often and Satvik even proposed to her there. She orders something to insult Jeevika and makes fun of them.

Satvik orders Jeevika’s favorite food, and Adaya remarks that he knows her preferences well. The server informs them that it’s the restaurant’s 10th anniversary celebration and asks if Satvik is married. Satvik clarifies that he is married to Jeevika, not Supriya. Supriya excuses herself and goes to talk on the phone, revealing that Shlok brought Jeevika and Adaya to the restaurant where she had planned her date with Satvik. She believes Jeevika intentionally ruined her date.

Supriya expresses her strong dislike for seeing Jeevika with Satvik and states that she hates Jeevika’s presence. Jeevika questions Satvik why he mentioned her as his wife in front of Supriya, as it could have hurt her feelings. Adaya defends Satvik, stating that he should refer to Jeevika as his wife since they got married publicly. Supriya talks to someone on the phone, expressing her determination to keep Jeevika away from Satvik and not allow her to come close to him. She is willing to do anything to separate them. The call abruptly ends, and Supriya joins the group again.

The host invites them to participate in the anniversary program, specifically a couple’s dance. Supriya asks Satvik to dance with her, but Shlok reminds her that she hurt her leg earlier in the morning, making it difficult for her to dance. Supriya claims to have forgotten about her injury. Adaya points out that the announcement was for married couples, and since Supriya is not yet married to Satvik, they suggest that Satvik and Jeevika should dance together. Satvik initially refuses, but Shlok mentions that he danced well on Jeevika’s birthday. Eventually, Jeevika and Satvik dance together, leaving Supriya frustrated, and she walks away. Adaya praises their dance performance.

Meanwhile, Supriya discusses the situation with Rajnandini, accusing her of setting up a date with Satvik and mocking her when Jeevika ruined it. Rajnandini reminds Supriya that she used to welcome guests with a smile. Supriya complains about Adaya and Shlok considering her as a guest. Rajnandini reveals that she knows Supriya needs money and that she broke up with Satvik because of it. Supriya blames Rajnandini, claiming she was following her instructions when she asked her to break up with Satvik. Supriya questions why Rajnandini arranged Jeevika’s wedding to Satvik if she wanted to get rid of her. Rajnandini explains that by marrying Satvik, he would experience the pain of a breakup and not be able to focus on his business. Rajnandini assures Supriya that she will help her reclaim her place and quickly remove Jeevika from the house. Supriya expresses her desire for the house, the rights of a daughter-in-law, and a stable bank balance, and Rajnandini assures her that it will be done. Later, Satvik and Jeevika enjoy quality time together, and Satvik expresses how much he misses her.

[Episode End]

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