Agnisakshi 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Agnisakshi 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Satvik inquiring about Jeevika’s condition and when she will regain consciousness from the doctor. The doctor assures Satvik that there is no need to worry and Jeevika fainted due to shock and dehydration. The doctor ensures Satvik that Jeevika will regain consciousness soon. Shlok notices Swara’s concern for Jeevika and advises her to take rest. Swara reveals that she didn’t inform the family about Jeevika’s current condition before returning home. Meanwhile, Rajnandini remains clueless about what Rao said to Jeevika. She overhears Satvik’s phone conversation and pretends to inquire about Jeevika’s health. Satvik informs her that Jeevika is still unconscious and that Rao has escaped from the hospital. Rajnandini appears relieved upon hearing the news, but Satvik vows to catch the person responsible for the situation. Rajnandini tries to use the situation to her advantage.

As Swara arrives home, she realizes that she can’t disclose her current state to anyone and silently thanks God for saving Jeevika. Swara believes that Shlok can provide her with the real situation of things. Meanwhile, Rajnandini meets Jeevika and feels that she brought her there for her own benefit, but Jeevika has become a hindrance for her. Rajnandini expresses her dislike for people who obstruct her path and even holds a pillow to Jeevika’s face, bidding her farewell and thinking they will meet again in their next life. At that moment, Satvik enters the room, and Rajnandini pretends to show affection for Jeevika. She warns Satvik not to display his concern for her as it could lead to negative consequences and advises him to show his hatred for her instead. Satvik assures her that he has something to take care of and will do so promptly. Later, Swara and Shlok converse, and Swara refers to him as sweet, although she thinks he is rude. This confuses her.

Rajnandini believes she brought Jeevika here for her own benefit, but now she feels burdened by her presence. She must take action to remove both Satvik and Jeevika from the house to gain the respect she desires. Later, Satvik takes hold of Jeevika’s hand and apologizes for his past behavior. He admits that he acted out of fear and promises to make things right. Meanwhile, Satvik receives a call from Supriya asking to meet with him, and he departs. Ruhi asks Rajnandini where Satvik went, to which Rajnandini questions if she has security to monitor those who come and go. Ruhi claims ownership of the house and demands to know who kidnapped Rajnandini and if she has any enemies.

Adaya updates Rajnandini on Jeevika’s regained consciousness. Ruhi inquires about Jeevika’s kidnapper, but Jeevika claims to have no recollection. She inquires about Satvik’s whereabouts, and Rajnandini informs her that he left for urgent work despite no meetings scheduled. Rajnandini asks Jeevika if Rao mentioned anything to her, to which Jeevika shares that he suggested someone from their family is responsible for her kidnapping. Jeevika ponders why Satvik gave her a pen. Meanwhile, Satvik meets Supriya, who expresses her concern and embraces him. Rajnandini requests Shlok to halt the car, and Jeevika and Shlok approach them. Jeevika is taken aback upon seeing Satvik in an embrace with Supriya.

[Episode End]

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