Woh Toh Hai Albelaa

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Ravinder being questioned by Shanky. Tejender asserts that Ravinder must provide answers as everything is part of Ravinder’s plan. Subhash expresses his disappointment in Ravinder, stating that he never expected such behavior from him. Realizing his mistake, Ravinder apologizes to Subhash and declares his intention to kill Shanky for attempting to ruin Meher’s life. He forcefully drags Shanky away from the scene.

Subhash informs Rajveer and Ajooni that he is relieved they recognized Shanky’s true face. In light of the situation, Akshay’s father decides to call off the marriage. Ajooni reassures him, explaining that everything was a trap set by Shanky, and Meher is innocent. She clarifies that Shanky and Meher didn’t partake in any marriage rituals. Beeji intervenes and appeals to Akshay’s father, emphasizing that it concerns Meher’s life. Responding to Beeji, Akshay’s father acknowledges the seriousness of the matter and expresses concern about the future well-being of Meher and Akshay. Rajveer steps in, assuring Akshay’s father that he will take responsibility for Meher and Akshay’s lives. He pleads with him not to call off the marriage.

Akshay’s mother confronts Rajveer, blaming him for failing to protect Akshay. Ajooni intervenes, asserting that they should not let fear of Shanky ruin Meher and Akshay’s lives. Akshay’s mother points out that Ajooni herself married Rajveer, leaving Avinash, and expresses her unwillingness to take any risks. Rajveer pleads with Akshay not to break off the marriage, but Akshay apologizes and leaves with his parents.

Subhash, devastated by the turn of events, declares that everything is now over and breaks down in tears. Bharat, filled with anger, holds the Bagga family responsible for ruining everything and vows not to spare them. He storms off, and Rajveer follows him. Bharat grabs a knife, but Rajveer intervenes, preventing any harm. Bharat expresses his helplessness and frustration at not being able to do anything for his sister, feeling like history is repeating itself. Rajveer assures him that they will teach Shanky a lesson but emphasizes that the Vohra family needs Bharat’s strength and support.

Harvinder questions Ravinder about why Shanky is dressed as the groom. Bebe pleads with Ravinder to release Shanky, but Ravinder, enraged by the insults he faced due to Shanky, reveals the extent of Shanky’s wrongdoing and slaps him. He asks Bebe how long she will continue to ignore Shanky’s misdeeds, declaring that he will no longer tolerate it. Fueled by anger, he begins to strangle Shanky, while Bebe desperately implores him to stop.

Ravinder asserts that Shanky will now live as a servant, serving the family. Shanky opposes him, but Ravinder begins beating him with a whip. He orders the household servant to ensure that Shanky performs all the household chores and instructs Dolly to keep a close watch on Shanky. Bebe inquires about what happened with Meher, and Ravinder informs her that the marriage would not have taken place.

Later, Ravinder instructs the servant to punish Shanky if he fails to perform his tasks properly. Meanwhile, Subhash confides in Ajooni, expressing his determination to take appropriate action. Rajveer intervenes and takes Ajooni away from the situation. He instructs Neeru to stay with Meher, providing her support and companionship.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rajveer puts in effort to purchase a new saree as a birthday gift for Ajooni.

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