Woh Toh Hai Albelaa

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Woh Toh Hai Albelaa 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

Nakul questions Sayuri about her decision to leave Kanha with the evil lady. Sayuri explains that her top priority is Kanha’s well-being and she doesn’t want to disrupt his mental peace. She mentions the director recommended by Nakul’s friend, but Nakul reveals that he hasn’t been able to meet his friend due to various obstacles. He assures her that he will meet the director soon. Amu’s friend provides her with Nakul’s address, which fills Amu with joy.

Chaman, mistaking Sayuri for Amu, annoys her by boasting about Kanha hugging her. Sayuri becomes distressed and contemplates revealing the truth to everyone. Chaman insists that Sayuri should confess the truth to Kanha, but Sayuri becomes upset and asks him to leave. Kanha and the rest of the family gather at the dining table, and Sayuri informs Kanha that she wants to leave the house. Kanha laughs, thinking it’s a prank, and refuses to believe her. Despite Sayuri’s attempts to explain that it’s true, Kanha continues to believe it’s a joke. Chaman becomes angry and storms off.

Chaman grabs the divorce papers and reveals that he had intended to keep it a secret, but circumstances forced him to disclose it. He shows the divorce papers to Kanha and explains that Sayuri has already signed them. He urges Kanha to sign as well, but Kanha adamantly refuses and retreats inside the house. Nakul follows him to offer support. Concerned family members question Sayuri about her sudden decision, but she is unable to provide any answers. Chaman asserts that it is Sayuri’s life, and she has the right to make her own choices.

Chaman forcefully takes Sayuri inside and insists that she obtain Kanha’s signature. Nakul confides in Kanha about the pressure Sayuri is facing. Sayuri refuses to comply with Chaman’s demand, but he threatens to set the house on fire. Doubting Chaman’s seriousness, Sayuri remains steadfast, prompting Chaman to threaten harm to her children as well. In a desperate attempt to prove her point, Chaman begins setting the house ablaze. Faced with the imminent danger, Sayuri reluctantly retrieves the divorce papers and sets off to obtain Kanha’s signature.

As Sayuri enters the room, Kanha firmly dismisses Chaman to have a private conversation with Sayuri. Chaman attempts to eavesdrop from outside, but Nakul ridicules her, making it difficult for her to listen in. Kanha questions Sayuri whether she truly believes that their relationship will end once she signs the divorce papers. Sayuri explains that she had no other choice but to make that decision in order to protect Kanha’s life, emphasizing that she was compelled to take such action.

[Episode End]

Precap : Chaman makes a public announcement, stating that everyone may wonder why she is taking these actions. She reveals her intention to marry Kanha once Sayuri leaves him. Saroj intervenes, expressing doubt that Kanha would even spare a second look for Chaman. Just then, Kanha arrives at the scene and surprises everyone by declaring that he is willing to divorce Sayuri and marry Chaman. The revelation leaves everyone in shock.

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