Suhaagan 22 May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 22 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Bindiya feeling upset because she accidentally wasted all the milk. However, Nut Dadi comes to her and shows her a positive perspective, highlighting how Bindiya has overcome her fear of Rampyari. Bindiya has now learned how to extract milk from Rampyari. Dadi then asks her to get ready for school.

Just then, Fulmati enters the scene and starts mocking Bindiya’s previous defeat. As Bindiya prepares herself for school, Fulmati teases her, suggesting that she is running away from challenges. Determined, Bindiya declares that she will never give up until she emerges victorious.

The next morning, someone rings Madan’s doorbell. While Madan and Payal are still asleep, Rekha tries to wake up Madan. Annoyed, Madan goes to Payal and scolds her for sleeping in so late. Payal appears shocked and begins to cry. However, Rekha warns her that her tears will not soften her heart.

Meanwhile, Bindiya is ready in her school uniform, and Dadi asks her to pack some food for her tiffin. Unfortunately, Fulmati eats all the bread. Dadi scolds Fulmati, but it doesn’t affect her. To make matters worse, Fulmati starts teasing Bindiya, questioning why she can’t prepare her own food. This angers Fulmati even more, and she assigns Bindiya the responsibility of completing all the household chores.

Despite Bindiya’s concerns for her Dadi, Dadi insists that she goes to school and sends her off.

Despite having no knowledge of cooking, Bindiya musters the courage to attempt making roti and tarakari. Witnessing her pitiful state, Dadi can’t help but shed tears. Bindiya, trying to console her, offers a glass of water, urging her not to cry. Drawing strength from the motivational words of her father and Madan, she lifts her spirits and starts working joyfully. Gradually, she begins to learn cooking while humming a song. Upon seeing Bindiya’s impoverished situation, Fulmati ridicules her, but Dadi insists that Bindiya should go to school.

Meanwhile, Rekha reveals her true colors to Payal by demanding a perfectly cleaned floor. Payal realizes her mistakes and diligently cleans the floor. However, after some time, exhaustion overtakes her, and Rekha appears to scold her for not cleaning the floor flawlessly. Payal feels immense sadness. Madan awakens from his sleep and requests Rekha to prepare a cup of tea, only to be rebuked for his drinking habits the previous night. In the midst of this, Payal arrives and accuses Rekha of her cruel behavior, recounting the mistreatment she endured. Madan, bewildered, fails to comprehend the situation, and Payal bursts into tears. He is instructed to take her home. Madan confronts Rekha, questioning her mistreatment of Payal. However, Rekha berates Madan for his foolishness and stubbornly refuses to apologize to Payal. She asserts that Payal must adhere to her commands. Madan is at a loss as to how he can fulfill his plan. Rekha mocks him, forbidding him from contacting anyone in Chiraiya.

Having acknowledged her mistakes, Payal longs to return home. She packs her belongings and approaches Madan.

Meanwhile, Bindiya arrives late at school and is denied entry into the classroom. However, she stands outside and listens attentively to the lesson. The teacher punishes her for her tardiness but inquires about Payal’s absence. Bindiya narrates the whole incident, detailing how she was betrayed. The teacher expresses disdain towards Fulmati’s monstrous behavior and offers solace to Bindiya in her distressing circumstances.

[Episode End]

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