Suhaagan 15th May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 15th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Bhim receiving yoga lessons from Rekha. Unbeknownst to Bhim, Madan secretly instructs Rekha to seduce him. Bhim becomes extremely nervous when he notices Rekha’s open-back yoga posture. As Rekha touches his hands and assists him in performing the yoga correctly, Bhim’s anxiety intensifies. Eventually, Bhim manages to complete the yoga routine, although he is in pain and ends up crying out. Fulmati, who overhears the commotion from another room, becomes curious about Rekha and Bhim’s yoga session. She confronts Bhim in a fit of anger, blaming him for Rekha’s manipulative yoga antics. Fulmati takes Bhim away, while Rekha becomes anxious but insists that her intention was solely to help Bhim improve his health. Fulmati leads Bhim back inside their home, and to the surprise of Rekha and Madan, their scheme to undermine Bhim and Fulmati’s relationship proves successful.

In the evening, Madan seeks Dadi’s permission, who grants him the opportunity to take his two sisters along. However, Dadi herself refuses to accompany them anywhere. Papel displays happiness upon hearing the decision, while Bindiya appears devastated. Payal joyfully begins packing her bags, while Bindiya reminisces about the joyful moments of the past. Holding the cards she had gifted to her parents, Bindiya bursts into tears, overcome by missing them. Her tears stream down as she gazes at Dadi, prompting her to tear up the cards before leaving the house.Dadi inquires about Bindiya’s actions, to which Bindiya explains that she is leaving the village and expresses her anguish, claiming that she will part ways with Dadi. Dadi attempts to make her understand, but Bindiya firmly refuses to listen. Dadi finds herself in a dilemma. Fulmati smirks from the side and asks Dadi not to send them away.Though Bindiya and Fulmati are upset by Madan’s decision, Dadi also supports him, influenced by Madan’s earlier persuasion. Fulmati becomes disappointed as her plan fails. Dadi instructs Madan to take the sisters away. When Madan insists on taking Dadi with them, Fulmati firmly objects, stating that it cannot happen. Bindiya also asserts that if Dadi doesn’t accompany them, they won’t go anywhere. She mentions great individuals who have received an education in their own village. Payal, on the other hand, becomes impulsive and insists on going to the town. Fulmati grows irritated and quarrels with Payal.

The argument upsets Payal, prompting her to flee from the location. Bindiya notices her distress and rushes over to uplift her spirits. She proceeds to enumerate the village’s positive aspects one by one. However, Payal finds Bindiya’s words bothersome. Nevertheless, Bindiya embraces Payal tightly and reminisces about her father’s advice. Additionally, she presents her rationale for staying in town. Payal desires to accompany Madan to the town, enticed by the numerous amenities and opportunities it offers. She holds onto the hope of finding happiness there. When Bindiya rejects the proposal, Payal reluctantly declares that she will undoubtedly go. The disagreement between them escalates, and Payal departs from the scene. In the meantime, Madan becomes frustrated as Bindiya once again foils their plans. Fulmati mocks him and ridicules his foolishness, suggesting that he should leave the village.

[Episode End]

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