Suhaagan 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Dadi urging Bhim and Fulmati to locate Payal. Dadi suggests lodging a report at the police station, but Bhim explains that the police typically refrain from taking missing cases until twenty-four hours have passed. At that moment, Bindiya is present, clutching Fulmati’s phone in her hand. Suddenly, Fulmati requests Bhim to bring her phone to her. Bindiya becomes anxious, but Dadi takes the phone from her and instructs her to seek help from Masterji. Together, Masterji and Bindiya embark on a search for Payal within the village, yet their efforts prove futile. Masterji suggests exploring the fields, prompting Bindiya to recall that Payal has a fear of scarecrows. She informs Masterji that Payal would never venture into the field alone. Overwhelmed by memories of her sister, Bindiya becomes deeply saddened.

Inside the house, Fulmati and Bhim diligently search for the missing phone. Fulmati suggests that Bhim call her number using his phone, impressed by her own quick thinking. Dadi grows increasingly nervous as the phone begins to ring, and Fulmati eventually discovers her phone hidden by Dadi. Fulmati’s anger becomes apparent, leaving Dadi unsettled.

Meanwhile, Masterji and Bindiya continue their relentless search for Payal, but they are unable to locate her anywhere. Bindiya arrives at the temple, seeking solace and praying fervently for her sister. She promises God that she will never tease or quarrel with Payal again and implores Him to bring her sister back. Recalling a time when their mother refrained from talking to pray for Payal’s good health during her fever, Bindiya adopts the same practice for her sister’s well-being.

Upon reaching their house, Rekha opens the car trunk and is shocked to find Payal sleeping inside with her luggage. Madan explains how he cunningly manipulated Payal into this situation, as he had already been aware of her plan to escape her house with them. In fact, he had even suggested the idea for Payal to take refuge in the car trunk. Fulmati, filled with anger, directs her fury towards Bindiya. Upon returning home, Fulmati demands an apology from Bindiya. However, as Bindiya had vowed not to speak in order to appeal to God to find her sister, she remains silent. This further infuriates Fulmati, who threatens Bindiya with physical punishment.

Rekha expresses dissatisfaction with Madan’s plan, but he assures her that Bindiya will eventually come to them for Payal’s sake. He then contacts Fulmati, providing her with the information regarding Payal’s escape. Just as Fulmati prepares to punish Bindiya with a belt, she receives Madan’s call. Madan reveals that Payal has fled the house and is hiding in the trunk of his car. Bindiya and Dadi feel a sense of relief upon learning of Payal’s whereabouts, but Fulmati is taken aback by Payal’s impulsive decision to escape. She contemplates deeply on Madan’s involvement in this situation.

Curious about Bindiya’s refusal to apologize to Fulmati, Dadi inquires about the reason. Bindiya explains that she made a promise to God, but she appears disappointed by Payal’s rash actions. Dadi, however, feels proud of Bindiya’s maturity and expresses her own disdain for Payal’s immaturity.

Dadi commends Bindiya for her calm and mature demeanor, and Bindiya suggests that she will personally go to the town to bring back her sister. Concerned for Bindiya’s safety, Dadi becomes anxious about her decision to go alone. At that moment, Bhim arrives and proposes that he will accompany Bindiya to her uncle’s house.

[Episode End]

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