Suhaagan 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Bindiya managing to escape through the emergency exit of the bus and making her way onto the roof. Meanwhile, as the bus starts moving, Bheem notices Bindiya’s attempt to flee. Back at the scene, Fulmati cleverly obtains Dadi’s fingerprint on a piece of paper. Despite Dadi’s pleas for mercy and her willingness to give up her property, Fulmati remains indifferent to her requests. On the bus, Bindiya grows increasingly anxious about Dadi and Payal’s safety. In a twist of fate, a cotton candy slips from Bindiya’s hand and inadvertently lands in Payal’s hand, who happens to be traveling in Madan’s car on the same road. Payal reminisces about her sister and consumes the candy. Bhim, riding a motorcycle, trails behind Bindiya, who appears visibly frightened.

Fulmati excitedly shares with Bhim that she has successfully obtained a thumbprint on a paper. In response, Bhim delivers the news of Bindiya running away from him. Fulmati suggests that it would be best if they were relieved of both sisters. Filled with joy, Fulmati informs Dadi about her accomplishment. Dadi, however, admonishes Fulmati for her behavior and urges her to feel ashamed. Playfully, Fulmati teases her mother as Dadi sheds tears over Bindiya’s fate. Dadi curses herself for giving birth to a daughter like Fulmati.

Meanwhile, Bindiya disembarks from the bus in Chiraiya. As she starts walking along the road, Bhim and two strangers approach her on a motorbike from behind. In an attempt to escape, Bindiya hastily runs away, causing Bhim and the others to fall from the bike. Determined, Bindiya accelerates her pace. She hands over the property paper to a person in exchange for a suitcase, which fills Fulmati with excitement as she embraces it.

When Madan and Rekha arrive at their home, they discover that the house has been left insecurely open. Worriedly, they enter the house and find three unfamiliar individuals seated inside. Rekha and Madan feel both concerned and disgusted. Among the strangers, Payal recognizes one of them as Bansi and begins recounting their journey, including their shopping and dining experiences.

Rekha ushers Payal inside, while Bansi begins teasing Rekha, eventually escalating to him assaulting Madan. With a stern warning, Bansi assures Madan that he won’t be given another chance. Despite Madan’s attempt to explain his plan, Bansi refuses to listen and threatens to kidnap Rekha if Madan fails to return the money. They depart, leaving a sense of urgency.

Rekha cautions Madan against spending any more money on Payal. Just then, Bindiya arrives at their home and discovers Sarpanchji in possession of their property documents. She snatches the papers and hastily consumes them. Sarpanchji enters the house and demands Fulmati to return his money. Dadi exposes Fulmati’s deceit in front of Sarpanchji, revealing how she manipulated Fulmati into giving her thumbprint. Despite the evidence, Fulmati adamantly refuses to return the money. Sarpanchji chases Fulmati and forcibly attempts to retrieve his suitcase. Fulmati, in a dramatic fashion, tries to stop him.

Meanwhile, Madan calls Fulmati, but Sarpanchji forcefully snatches the suitcase and departs. Bhim chases after Sarpanchji. Fulmati becomes enraged and attempts to slap Bindiya. However, Bindiya intervenes and recollects the traumatic experiences they endured due to Fulmati’s past cruelty. She vividly remembers how Fulmati subjected them to severe torture.

[Episode End]

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