Suhaagan 14th May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 14th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode opens with a conversation between Madan and Rekha, in which Rekha becomes upset upon learning that they will be leaving their home. She laments that all their dreams have been washed away. Rekha had put in a lot of effort to win the hearts of Bindiya and Payal, but now it seems to be in vain. As they argue, Bindiya overhears their conversation and approaches them. Sensing Bindiya’s presence, Rekha suddenly puts on a show of being devastated about leaving the sisters behind, despite her previous frustrations. Madan tries to console Rekha as Bindiya begins to cry, begging them not to leave so soon. However, Madan explains that his business requires them to leave tomorrow morning. Rekha also pretends to be emotional and embraces Bindiya. Meanwhile, Fulmati watches them from the sidelines, observing their behavior closely.

In the nighttime, Payal and Bindiya were surprised when Madan and Rekha set up a tent in the middle of their house. The two sisters were thrilled to see the temporary shelter and expressed their happiness. However, Madan and Rekha secretly mocked the sisters for their foolishness. Madan revealed his plan to leave town and execute his scheme. He explained that he didn’t want to spend more money on Bindiya and Payal and would return in a few days to claim the property in his name. Rekha was impressed by Madan’s plan, and they both later joined the children’s game. Meanwhile, Fulmati tried to figure out what Madan was up to.

Bindiya and Payal prayed for Madan’s business to prosper and urged God to prevent him from leaving town. The next morning, they couldn’t find Madan and Rekha anywhere. Bindiya wished the best for their business, and she informed Payal that Madan had left the house. Later, Madan and Rekha visited Dadi to bid farewell, and an emotional scene unfolded with the aunt and uncle acting perfectly. Madan offered to take Dadi with them, and the two sisters became excited. However, Dadi refused to leave. Fulmati also opposed this decision and acted according to her conspiracy. The sisters were instructed to go to school, and on the way, they discussed their future. Payal felt a new excitement in her heart about the township, and Bindiya was tasked with convincing Dadi to agree. Fulmati came to Dadi to manipulate her thoughts.

Madan and Rekha hold a consultation about their conspiracy, and Madan assures Rekha that their plan will succeed. Meanwhile, Fulmati dissuades her mother from leaving the village permanently, citing their underlying scheme. However, Madan and Rekha struggle to keep their composure, and Rekha is tasked with swaying Dadi to their side.

Elsewhere, Bindiya and Payal discuss their new accommodation with classmates, with Payal boasting about her future prospects and her plans to attend an English medium school. In another scenario, Rekha invites Bhim to join her in practicing yoga, but he initially declines. Despite this, Rekha manages to persuade him, and their conversation is overheard by Fulmati.

[Episode End]

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