Suhaagan 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Phoolwati beckoning Bhim to join her. Madan expresses concern about who will take care of Amma. Phoolwati instructs him to look after Amma and leaves with Bhim. Meanwhile, Bindiya informs Payal that they cannot leave without Dadi. She comes up with a solution, suggesting they take Amma along in the car. Madan, Rekha, Dadi, Bindiya, and Payal all get in the car and head to the park.

While on the way, Bindiya inquires about the mud on Payal’s hand, to which Payal lies that she played with mud at school. Once they arrive at the park, Bindiya offers Dadi a samosa, and Payal’s plate accidentally falls. In response, Payal is about to discard the samosa and kachori when Bindiya saves it and feeds it to the birds. Madan compliments Bindiya for her wisdom, which triggers jealousy in Payal.

Madan then suggests that someone should take the first turn on the swing, and Payal eagerly volunteers. After Madan makes her swing, Bindiya comments that Payal is still young. Dadi thinks to herself that Bindiya is also quite young. Payal then notices Bindiya talking to Rekha and becomes jealous once again. She requests Madan to make Bindiya swing and asks Rekha to take her to the bathroom. However, instead of Rekha, Payal finds Bindiya standing there. Payal then admits to Bindiya that she should have asked her before putting mud on her dress and confesses that she wants Bindiya to be her favorite.

Phoolwati and Bhim went to a jewelry store to have a bangle checked. Upon leaving, Phoolwati threatened to attack others like Phoolan Devi. Meanwhile, Madan and Rekha hatched a plan to deceive innocent people, believing it to be easy. However, upon returning to their car, they discovered that the tires were missing and the bangle was left behind. Madan declared that they would have to walk home since no help would be available.

To make ends meet, Phoolwati sold the tires, which made her and Bhim happy. But Madan and the others were forced to walk home in the rain. During their journey, Bindiya held a mat over Amma’s head, while Payal took refuge underneath it. Madan used this opportunity to incite Dadi against Phoolwati. When they finally arrived home, Madan confronted Phoolwati, accusing her of wrongdoing. Phoolwati defended herself, claiming that she was not like Madan, who destroyed evidence.

Dadi asked Phoolwati to return to her sasural, claiming that she didn’t trust her. In response, Phoolwati accused Dadi of trusting Madan despite his misdeeds. A heated argument ensued, with Bindiya eventually noticing that Dadi’s condition was worsening. She urged Payal to call Mama for help, but nobody listened as they continued to argue. Payal finally banged the plates together, indicating that something was wrong with Dadi. Phoolwati blamed Madan for Dadi’s condition, but he took her to their room to help her recover. Bindiya claimed that Dadi had fallen ill due to exhaustion, while Payal blamed Phoolwati.

Madan and Rekha were standing outside when Rekha expressed her disappointment. She admitted that marrying Madan was not for this and declared that she had ambitions of ruling, but it seemed like fate was against her. Amma, Bindiya, and Payal’s behavior annoyed her, leading to her frustration. Madan tried to console her, suggesting that they should wait for another day and that Phoolwati would be leaving soon. Payal also expressed her desire for Phoolwati to leave quickly.

[Episode End]

Precap : Masterji informed Madan that Phoolmati was causing a scene in front of the entire village, and urged him to hurry before the situation escalated into something serious.

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