Suhaagan 12th May 2023 Written Story Update

Suhaagan 12th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode opens with Rekha expressing her dissatisfaction to Madan about Bindiya’s birthday celebration. Suddenly, Fulmati appears from behind, causing Rekha to become nervous and hastily leave the scene. Bindiya is seen crying in front of her late parents’ picture, feeling upset about having her first ever birthday celebration without them. Bindiya proceeds to talk to her late mother’s picture and becomes happy with Fulmati’s change, particularly her use of their names. Fulmati teases Madan about his failed plan and how she was able to change the entire scenario in just one step, which causes Madan to become angry.

Fulmati warns Madan to be careful with his next steps in trying to control Bindiya and Payal. She then invites Bindiya to come out, as she has arranged a beautiful party for her. Fulmati compliments Bindiya’s beauty and asks her to join the party, where many of Bindiya’s school friends are present. A stunning cream cake is arranged for Bindiya, and Dadi asks her to come over. Payal looks unhappy because everyone is paying attention to Bindiya. Bindiya recalls how her baba had arranged her birthday celebration last year and promised her a beautiful cream cake the following year, which makes her upset. Dadi and Fulmati try to calm her down, and eventually, Bindiya and Payal cut the cake together.

Bindiya distributed cake to everyone, but as she tried to give a piece to Madan, Fulmati snatched it from her hand. This left Madan feeling embarrassed and Rakhi extremely angry with Fulmati. Fulmati, however, found it amusing and laughed it off. Masterji decided to arrange a fun game to lighten the mood. He formed a team consisting of Bindiya and Payal. As the match progressed, Bindiya and Payal continued playing, with Bindiya ultimately emerging as the winner. However, Payal accused Bindiya of cheating and stormed off in anger, while everyone else praised Bindiya’s victory.

Later, Fulmati brought tea for her mother, and Dadi was delighted. She blessed Fulmati and encouraged her to continue being kind and caring. The party continued with dancing and enjoyment, but it was interrupted when the power went out, causing the music to stop. Bindiya decided to sing a song for Payal so that she could dance, and everyone praised her for it. However, this only fueled Payal’s jealousy, and she abruptly pushed Bindiya. The teacher asked Payal to apologize, but she refused and even went as far as to say that no one liked Bindiya. Bindiya tried to reason with her and make her understand.

Bindiya is reminded by Paya of how she always seems to be everyone’s favorite. Paya becomes both happy and angry about the excessive praise Bindiya receives. Bindiya does her best to manage Paya’s anger and eventually leaves. Later on, Dadi calls Bindiya and advises her not to be discouraged. Bindiya promises to speak with Paya. As each student departs, Bindiya fails to converse with Paya, causing her to become very upset at night. However, Dadi provides some good news. Bindiya brings some delectable food to offer to Paya, hoping to reconcile. In the evening, the two sisters are reunited.

[Episode End]

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