Rabb Se Hai Dua

Rabb Se Hai Dua 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Gazal stealthily entering Dua’s room. As Dua hears the sound, she inquires about the presence outside. Hameeda also arrives at the scene, making Gazal think she might have noticed her. Fearing getting caught, Gazal hides under the bed. Dua notices Hameeda’s presence and questions if she expected Gazal instead of her. Determined to prove herself, Gazal contemplates showing her true identity. In response, Hameeda expresses her anger towards Gazal, blaming her for causing chaos in the house and accusing her of having a heart of stone. Dua advises Hameeda to stop dwelling on Gazal and assures her that she won’t be affected by any criticism. Hameeda threatens Gazal, claiming she would have harmed her if given the chance. Gazal vows to make Hameeda regret her words once she escapes from her hiding place.

Meanwhile, Hafeez attempts to convince Kaynaat about their relationship. However, Kaynaat dismisses his efforts, stating that discussing the topic is futile as everything has spiraled out of control. Hafeez insists that they love each other, but Kaynaat argues that there is no future for their relationship. She believes that Hameeda despises her family, Dua is emotionally shattered, and Haider is the root cause of all the troubles. She vehemently opposes the idea of becoming Haider’s bride.

In an attempt to uplift Kaynaat’s spirits, Hafeez presents her with a chocolate. Perplexed, she questions its significance, to which he explains that the chocolate contains two different flavors, symbolizing the dual nature of life. To bring a smile to her face, he recites a poem. Hafeez acknowledges that no matter how much he tries to motivate Kaynaat, it is difficult to erase her from his heart. He reveals that he has been aware of her since childhood and that once Dua makes a decision, it is challenging to sway her. Kaynaat appreciates Hafeez’s support and hopes to remain resilient.

Meanwhile, Hameeda informs Dua that she is preparing to leave. Dua rushes off to help pack the food. Seizing the opportunity, Gazal emerges from her hiding spot, determined to bring Dua to tears. Gazal intends to witness Dua’s emotional breakdown upon seeing her mother’s state. Hafeez confides in Kaynaat that he plans to disclose their relationship to Hameeda, hoping that she will approve of their union. Recalling Dua’s statement about staying to break their relationship, Kaynaat ponders the situation.

Kaynaat advises him against making hasty decisions, urging them to wait until the problems are resolved. She expresses her fear of Gazal or her brother discovering their relationship. Eihchaaz captures everything on his mobile, believing that they have already been exposed. Meanwhile, Hameeda is in search of Hafeez. Gazal plays a recorded conversation of Dua on her mobile, and Hameeda overhears it, assuming Dua is crying. In response, Gazal flees from home, and Hameeda follows her, perplexed by her behavior. She wonders what could have happened to make Gazal cry and act strangely, mistakenly believing Gazal to be Dua. Meanwhile, Dua goes looking for Hameeda, thinking she heard her voice and sensing an impending negative event. Hameeda recalls Dua’s previous emotional breakdown and worries about a potential recurrence. She wonders where Dua has disappeared to.

Gazal plays the recorded conversations to grab Hameeda’s attention. Dua expresses her desire to leave the house, and Hameeda suggests they go back if Dua doesn’t want to stay. She refuses to force Dua to stay in the house and Gazal replays the recordings. Dua laments her lack of rights within the family and reiterates her unwillingness to stay. Hameeda continues to follow her and asks where she is going. Dua believes that nothing will happen to her family. Meanwhile, Hameeda searches for Dua while Gazal keeps a close watch on her. Gazal reflects on Hameeda’s transformation into a fierce lioness, confined within her own cage. Gazal engages in a game of hide and seek with Hameeda. Hameeda questions why Gazal is hiding from her mother and encourages her to have a conversation. Hameeda notices her and turns her around, only to be shocked by Gazal’s presence. Gazal recalls the humiliation she experienced and, in a fit of anger, reveals to Hameeda that Haider won’t divorce her or kick her out of the house. Instead, Hameeda will be the one leaving this world forever. She proceeds to stab Hameeda with a knife.

[Episode End]

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