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Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th May 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 15th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Haider questioning Hameeda about whether she had raised her hand to slap Hina. Hameeda candidly admits that she did what she believed Hina deserved. Haider requests her to cease her actions, reminding her that just because he has been silently enduring her taunts doesn’t mean he will always remain silent. Expressing his discontent, he informs her that if she finds solace in her mother’s suffering, then the Mudhikhana ceremony will take place today. Resolute, he walks away from the scene.

Observing Dua’s actions as she begins packing her belongings, Gazal deduces that her reaction is triggered by the Mudhikhana ritual. Gazal speculates that Dua will persistently voice her discontent until she witnesses tears of remorse from Hameeda’s eyes. Hameeda, noticing Dua’s actions, implores her to halt her packing and listen. Dua, however, asserts that she cannot bear witness to all this turmoil any longer.

In response, Hameeda reminds Dua that she has not only taught her the importance of discipline but also how to stand up against injustice. Hameeda emphasizes that she did not raise Dua to flee from problems but to confront them head-on.

If someone attempts to snatch her rights, she must fight for them. She must not surrender her rights to others. Departing from this house signifies her being lost. The pain in her heart is unbearable. It is her duty to bring the truth to light in front of everyone. She had to expose Gazal, who is not Haider but Dua’s husband. She implores her to remain there for Haider’s sake. Doesn’t she love Haider? How could she leave him in the hands of Gazal? She holds immense love for this family, so how could she abandon them like that? Dua explains that she has made countless efforts. Hameeda argues that she hasn’t truly tried, as her stubbornness to leave the house indicates. She tells her that being a daughter-in-law is more challenging than being a daughter. Hameeda urges her to save Haider and his family from Gazal. If she fights for them wholeheartedly, God will assist her. She expresses her disappointment that God would punish her in such a manner. Does she not like her? Why does she ask her to walk through fire? Hameeda assures her that she loves her deeply and is not forcing her to stay. Dua insists that she cannot remain there any longer and requests Hameeda to take her away from there. Hameeda assures her that she will take her away but mentions an important task that needs to be completed first. Kaynaat informs Hafeez that Hamida will not accept her now. Hafeez declares, “I cannot live without you. I will speak to Hamida about our relationship.” Kaynaat believes that Hamida will not accept them after what happened with Dua, and she will take Dua away, severing all ties. Haider’s actions also impact their relationship. Hafeez promises to convince Hamida.

Dua engages in the task of packing her belongings, her mind flooded with memories of Haider. Despite her best efforts, she realizes that she should not dwell on thoughts of him any longer. She resolves not to keep any reminders of their time together. Meanwhile, Gulnaaz wonders about the whereabouts of Ruhaan, pondering whether he has eaten or not. Tears stream down her face as she thinks of her beloved son. In another part of the house, Gazal readies herself in her room for the Mudhikhana rasam. Eihchaaz sings joyfully, expressing his admiration for her ability to navigate all the rituals and overcome the accompanying challenges. Gazal, however, shares her belief that she still has more to do for the family and asks Eihchaaz to carry out the tasks she assigned him. Unexpectedly, he reveals his feelings of love for someone else. In response, Gazal advises him not to genuinely fall in love but to pretend to be in love with her instead, as she intends to break Gulnaaz’s daughter’s heart. She instructs Eihchaaz to follow her lead and emphasizes the urgency of her Mudhikhana rasam preparations, hoping to avoid any unwanted attention. Her fears escalate when she spots Hina’s presence, worrying that her secret might be discovered. Gazal desperately hopes that Hina remains oblivious, as any revelation would spell disaster for her plans. To her surprise, Hina compliments her beauty and predicts that everyone will admire her appearance during the festivities. Meanwhile, Dua, still consumed by thoughts of Haider’s absence, ponders why she should hold onto his belongings when he is no longer a part of her life. The realization that his love was merely an illusion shatters her heart once more. Subsequently, Haider is seen seated alongside Gazal at the Mudhikhana rasam.

[Episode End]

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