Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Pratiksha urging Kavya to confront her destiny or Ravi, but not her. Kavya dismisses her words, telling her to be quiet. She confesses that she used to long for Ravi’s love when he was with Keerti. She firmly believes that he will eventually be hers. Pratiksha accuses Kavya of jeopardizing her own life to create a home for herself. Kavya retorts, claiming that her life is also in ruins. She explains that she married the man she loves dearly, who no longer loves her, but she is certain that he will love her again. Pratiksha maintains her conviction that she will reunite with her husband, trusting in her innocence and the fact that she hasn’t done anything wrong. She walks away confidently. Kavya contemplates the situation, realizing that she can’t remain silent any longer and has grown fearful of Pratiksha. At that moment, Manvi arrives and asks Kavya to accompany her. Kavya expresses her frustration, mentioning how this girl and her sisters have taken control of everything. Manvi insists that Kavya come downstairs with her.

Parul excitedly informs Dadi that Kinjal’s baby kicks when she lies on the bed. Kinjal seizes the opportunity to tease Parul, revealing that Parul had developed a crush on Ravi when she first saw him and even chose him for Pratiksha. Pratiksha playfully asks Kinjal to stop teasing her. Dadi expresses her happiness with the marriage alliance. Just then, Mandeep, Manvi, and Kavya enter the room, insulting Pratiksha. Mandeep instructs Pratiksha to do some work, while Kavya tells her to clean her room as well. Pratiksha confidently states that the one who manages the household chores is the queen of the house. She asserts that it is her house and takes responsibility for the tasks. Dadi is pleased and recalls that Ravi’s grandfather used to believe that the lady of the house should handle the work, not a maid. Pratiksha challenges Kavya to clean her own room, emphasizing the importance of taking care of one’s own house even when visiting others. She mentions that her mother taught her this principle and questions if Manvi, as an aunt, didn’t teach the same to Kavya. Dadi is delighted and contemplates giving Pratiksha a necklace as a reward. Kinjal sarcastically asks Kavya if she doesn’t have to go to her own house. Pratiksha assures her that she will handle the situation.

Just then, the doorbell rings, and Mandeep receives a package containing tickets. She reveals that it is a gift from Beeji and herself. Kavya notices the tickets are for Manali. Beeji expresses disapproval, but Mandeep explains that she got the tickets for Kavya, who is now her daughter-in-law. Ravi enters the room, and Kavya informs him that Mandeep has planned their honeymoon. However, Ravi declines, stating that he has pending office work. Mandeep, determined to make Ravi go, pretends to faint and blames Pratiksha for the turn of events. She emotionally manipulates Ravi, insisting that he should go to Manali with Kavya for their honeymoon. Kavya also pleads with him not to leave her behind. Mandeep convinces them, and Ravi agrees. Mandeep places Kavya’s hand in Ravi’s, symbolizing their union, and encourages them to begin their new life together. Ravi asks Kavya to pack her bags, and they both leave for Manali. Mandeep remarks to Pratiksha about how she successfully convinced her son. Beeji tells Mandeep that God will never forgive her for her actions. Mandeep instructs Kinjal and Parul to take care of their sister.

Kavya interrupts Pratiksha’s departure and confidently declares that once she returns from her honeymoon, Ravi will belong to her entirely. She mocks Pratiksha’s attempts to win Ravi’s heart through food, stating that a man’s weakness lies in the embrace of his wife. Kavya asserts her determination to win him over. Pratiksha, undeterred, emphasizes that love is a divine blessing and asserts her rightful position as Ravi’s wife, while referring to Kavya as the “other woman.” She advises Kavya to go wherever she pleases, reiterating that Ravi is her husband and will always remain so. Kavya retorts, claiming that once Ravi returns, he will throw Pratiksha out of their lives. Unfazed by Kavya’s words, Pratiksha instructs her to pack her bags and even suggests she take along a jacket. Kavya reveals a transparent nightie, expressing her anticipation of an intimate reunion with Ravi and exclaiming how much fun it will be. Inwardly, Pratiksha grows concerned and silently prays to the Goddess to protect her marriage.

[Episode End]

Precap : Manvi informs Mandeep that Pratiksha appeared calm and composed when Kavya and Ravi departed. Pratiksha instructs Kinjal and Parul to wait and observe. Later, Ravi is seen chasing after the car as his belongings are thrown out.

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