Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commenced with Kavya asserting that if it were her rasoi ritual, things would have unfolded differently. Pratiksha made her entrance, and Mandip immediately began uttering remarks directed at her. Undeterred, Pratiksha had prepared an additional bowl of halwa, which she brought along and encouraged everyone to sample. Dadi questioned why she had initially prepared a garlic-infused batch. Pratiksha had already observed Kavya tampering with her halwa, prompting her to prepare an alternative bowl. Pratiksha expressed her apologies to Dadi, who cautioned her about the negative implications of handling garlic. In an attempt to prove Kavya’s mischief, Pratiksha smelled her hands. Dadi called for Ravi’s presence and instructed him to sit adjacent to Pratiksha, facing her. Dadi encouraged Ravi to admire Pratiksha’s beauty. Subsequently, Dadi proposed a challenge to Pratiksha and Ravi, instructing them to feed each other halwa while maintaining an unwavering gaze. The one who blinked first would have the privilege of tasting the halwa first. Seizing the opportunity, Dolly approached Kavya and playfully teased her, insinuating that Pratiksha was providing stiff competition. With anticipation and determination, Ravi and Pratiksha initiated the ritual, fixating their gaze upon one another.

Ravi’s mind drifted back to the tragic memory of Keerthi’s death, causing him to blink and concede to tasting the halwa first. Afterward, Ravi excused himself and left the scene, while Pratiksha dutifully served the halwa prashad to everyone. Dadi bestowed upon her the gift of a nath (nose ring) and blessed her. Pratiksha affectionately referred to Ravi as her chachu (paternal uncle), assuring Dadi that everything was fine at the Randhawa household. However, when Pratiksha turned around, she discovered Ravi standing there, having overheard her conversation with her chachu. This sparked another childish quarrel between them, rekindling their bickering nature. Pratiksha approached Ravi closely and placed her hand on his chest, sensing his elevated heart rate. She then closed the door to their room, creating an intense atmosphere. Ravi became flustered, uncertain about Pratiksha’s intentions, and questioned what she desired from him. In response, Pratiksha expressed her desire for the things that a wife typically expects from her husband.

Following the break, Kavya appeared to be engaged in a tense conversation with her mother. She felt insecure due to Pratiksha’s act of closing the door to their room. Kavya spoke rapidly, expressing multiple concerns simultaneously, prompting her mother to advise her to lower her voice. Curiosity piqued, they pressed their ears against the door, attempting to listen and decipher the events unfolding inside. Pratiksha approached Ravi closely, causing him great unease and leading him to fumble nervously. Despite his repeated pleas for Pratiksha to step back, she insisted that he close his eyes. Outside the room, Kavya’s insecurity intensified upon hearing these exchanges. Pratiksha gently touched Ravi’s face, removing an already fallen eyelash, which further agitated Ravi, prompting him to rise from the bed. Pratiksha encouraged him to make a wish, but when Ravi declined, she made a wish on her own and blew away the eyelash.

[Episode End]

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