Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharam Patnii 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Pratiksha requesting Kinjal and Parul to inform their Chachi that a massive burden has been lifted off her shoulders. She tells them that they will not have any problems getting married and assures Parul that she will also have Ravi’s love. Pratiksha states that she will fight for her rights now that she is Pratiksha Ravi Randhawa. After their conversation, Parul and Kinjal depart, and Ravi arrives. Pratiksha recognizes him and tells him that he is her husband. However, Ravi asks her if she knows him and his past. Pratiksha responds that she doesn’t care.

Ravi informs her that they are completely different from each other as she likes to waste time while he does not. He tells her that if she tries to make him fall in love with her, it will be futile because he only loved Keerti and no one can take her place in his life. Pratiksha interrupts him and tells him to stop. She then declares that he is now her slave and stopped because she asked him to. They argue, and Pratiksha claims that she will make him understand the distinction between arranged and love marriages.

During a conversation, Pratiksha expressed her belief that the person she was speaking to was her husband and shared that she felt a sense of love for their confidence. She also shared her perspective that love would develop after marriage, and made a commitment that they would be together for seven lifetimes. In response, Ravi expressed his doubt and commented that Pratiksha would only be around for seven days. However, Pratiksha remained steadfast in her conviction, promising to stay with Ravi for seven lifetimes despite his skepticism. Ravi wondered about the sudden change in Pratiksha’s attitude.

Kavya stormed into the room and removed her jewelry in a fit of anger. She exclaimed that Beeji had finally accepted her, but Beeji retorted that she had only done so to save the family from trouble. Beeji claimed that only Pratiksha could remedy the situation, blaming all their problems on her. Mandeep suggested they continue with the ring-finding ceremony and convince Ravi to participate. Ravi and Kavya sat down to search for the ring, with Ravi finding it the first time and Kavya the second. Dadi proclaimed that whoever found the ring would be the ruler of the house. Suddenly, Pratiksha arrived and put her hand in the bowl, pulling out the ring. She declared that she would be the one in charge, as Dadi had just stated that whoever found the ring last would win. Kavya was outraged and accused Pratiksha of ruining their ceremony. Pratiksha retorted that Kavya was a guest in their house, while she was the host. Kavya argued back, stating that Pratiksha only cared about Ravi’s name and money, not him as a person. She even offered to throw money in Pratiksha’s face. Pratiksha turned to Ravi for support, claiming that their pairing was perfect, and that when the wife speaks, the husband stays quiet. Ravi left the room, leaving the argument unresolved.

Kavya claims that Ravi will love her because he married her willingly, whereas he only married Pratiksha out of a desire for revenge. Pratiksha disputes this, stating that Kavya had previously said otherwise. Kavya mentions that it is her first night, and Pratiksha challenges her to see who spends the first night with Ravi. Meanwhile, Mandeep asks Dolly if she has prepared milk for Kavya, but Dolly responds that it’s for Kavya’s skin and hands the milk over after teasing her.

Kavya enters Ravi’s room to find Pratiksha decorating it with flower petals and candles. Kavya admires the decorations and vows to win over Ravi, stating that she will make Pratiksha regret her decision. Pratiksha shows Kavya her mangalsutra and sindoor, indicating that Ravi willingly married her and accepts their marriage. Kavya insists that Ravi hates Pratiksha and will never accept her, but Pratiksha counters by saying that it is possible to turn his hatred into love and make him hers.

[Episode End]

Precap : In a conversation between Pratiksha and Kavya, Pratiksha asserts that she is Ravi’s wife despite Kavya’s persistent fighting for Ravi’s love. Pratiksha suggests that their conflict is centered on the clash between love and trust, and proposes they confront the issue head-on.

Kavya’s mother intervenes and expresses concern that if Pratiksha’s cooking skills surpass Kavya’s, it would not be advantageous for them. She goes on to suggest that they consider sabotaging Pratiksha’s halwa.

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