Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Radha’s screams echoed through the room, leaving Tulsi feeling helpless against Ishwar’s wishes. She exclaimed that only Ishwar himself could go against his own desires, and so she needed to speak with him. Tears streamed down Tulsi’s face as she witnessed Radha’s agonizing struggle. Gathering her emotions, Tulsi pleaded with Radha to listen to her, suggesting that she hold onto the photo before her, as its light would tempt her to follow, but she must resist. Tulsi revealed that she knew Radha had to fight for Mohan and Gungun, acknowledging the immense pain Radha would feel. She made Radha promise that she wouldn’t give in, that she would stay right there. At first, Radha hesitated, but eventually, she extended her trembling hand, completing the promise while still in tears. Tulsi assured her she would return soon, urging Radha not to go anywhere. As Tulsi prepared to leave, Radha continued to struggle against the blinding light. Looking at the photo of Mohan and Gungun, she remembered Tulsi’s advice to keep fighting, no matter the pain. Memories flooded her mind—Mohan protecting her, their unity in the face of adversity. Determined, Radha used the power of those cherished memories to combat the overwhelming white light, refusing to let go of the frame. She recalled the moment Gungun had acknowledged her as her mother, a role she had taken on after Gungun’s biological mother passed away. Despite the ongoing struggle, Radha persisted.

In the Mandir, Tulsi confronts Bihari jee, expressing her dismay and questioning the nature of justice in his actions. She recounts how he had taken her away from her own family, causing immense heartbreak to her husband. Moreover, he snatched her away from her daughter during a time when she needed her the most. Tulsi goes on to describe how Bihari jee introduced Radha into their lives, who showered them with even more love than her. Over time, they all became a family, and Mohan even found a life partner. However, Bihari jee once again took Radha away from them, leaving Tulsi to wonder what more Radha had to do for their family, Mohan, and Gungun. Instead of granting Radha his blessings, Bihari jee had placed her in a perilous struggle between life and death.

Meanwhile, Radha clutches the photo frame, recalling Mohan’s words about praying that she would never return to their lives. The light emanating from the frame begins to exert its tremendous power, drawing Radha towards it. Addressing Bihari jee, Radha explains that if something were to happen to her today, Mohan jee would never be able to forgive himself. He would carry the burden of guilt for the rest of his life, believing that even the death of Tulsi jee was his own fault. Radha emphasizes that Bihari jee cannot take away a mother’s love from Gungun. Tearfully, she implores him not to subject her family to this ordeal, as she cannot bear to die tonight. Struggling to hold the frame before her, Radha acknowledges Bihari jee’s immense powers, capable of even bending the rules of this world. She winces in pain, acknowledging his ability to transform the dead into the living. Radha reveals that she must live for her Mohan jee and Gungun, relying on his unwavering support. With tears streaming down her face, she recites a mantra while taking refuge behind the photo frame.

Tulsi asserts that she isn’t pleading for Radha’s life but rather giving a directive that her rightful place and her family’s happiness should be restored. She questions why Bihari ji brought Radha into his life again, knowing that he had already taken away Mohan’s happiness. Tearfully, Tulsi mentions that she had heard Bihari ji never wrongs good people, and she implores him to prove it today because Radha has never harmed anyone. She warns that if anything happens to Radha, Bihari ji would be held responsible, as he controls everything in this world, not even a petal moves without his permission. Tulsi declares that today he will reverse his decision and change Radha’s fate. She informs Bihari ji that Radha cannot die today because her purpose in this life is not yet fulfilled. Crying, she demands that Bihari ji bring Radha back and reconsider his decision.

Tulsi describes Radha as Bihari ji’s most devoted follower, always spreading his teachings. However, she warns that if anything happens to Radha, she will reveal to the entire world that he is merely a statue, and any presence he has is just a means to manipulate and control them. Tulsi accuses Bihari ji of indifference towards wrongdoing and suggests that he takes pleasure in seeing others in distress, mocking them with laughter.

Meanwhile, Mohan sits at the dinner table as Dulari serves him a meal. Curious about everyone’s absence, he asks Dulari why they are not present. Dulari responds that they have all refused to eat, claiming they are not hungry. Mohan assures her that he will eat, but as he is about to take the first bite, he hesitates, recalling how he had forcefully made Radha eat while she was observing the Varth.

Radha continues to recite the Mantar, causing a sudden gust of wind that opens all the windows and doors of the house. The unexpected change in weather leaves everyone feeling tense. Kadambari wonders about the sudden weather shift while noticing the flowerpots in the Mandir start to move. Mohan and Kadambari cautiously make their way towards the Mandir, accompanied by Ketki and Ajeet, who also express their surprise at the rapid weather change.

As Mohan walks, he is abruptly stopped by Gungun, who is in tears. She insists that Mohan believes she is lying and swears on her mother Tulsi that she truly doesn’t know where Radha is. Mohan, wiping away her tears, pleads with her not to lie. Gungun once again assures him that she genuinely has no idea where Radha is and that she is in some kind of trouble.

Suddenly, the Murti of Radharani in the Mandir begins to move, leaving everyone shocked as it swings back and forth. Mohan rushes to the Mandir with all his strength, managing to catch the Murti just before it falls to the ground. Thunder fills the entire sky, instilling fear in everyone’s hearts as they begin to pray. Mohan reminisces about the time he took Radha Rani away from Bihari jee and vows to protect her until she returns.

In his desperation, Mohan screams Radha’s name, causing Damini to drop a glass in shock, and even Kaveri is taken aback. Mohan shouts Radha’s name once again, and she hears him. Determined to ensure her safety, he declares that he will not let anything happen to her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gungun emphasizes that now is not the moment to feel sorrowful, but rather to lend assistance and locate Radha. Mohan earnestly implores Bihari jee to safeguard his beloved Radha, as he carefully positions Radharani next to Bihari jee within the temple. Despite her entrapment, Radha gradually stirs and awakens, taking a deep breath.

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