Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 15th May 2023 Written Story Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 15th May 2023 Written Story Update On

Damini inquires of Kadambari whether she wants to know if she has done anything to Radha. With anger, Damini reluctantly admits that she has killed her and that no one can save her now. Kadambari is shocked and kneels against the desk, asking what Damini has done to Radha. Startled by Kadambari’s furious demand for the truth, Damini begins to cry, denying any wrongdoing and claiming she is not capable of such actions. She mentions that everyone holds the same belief about her, assuming she can harm anyone. However, Kadambari warns her not to divert the topic, reminding her that she confessed to doing something to Radha. She persistently asks Damini to reveal what she has done. In response, Damini states that she only said those words because she believed it was what Kadambari wanted to hear. She pleads her innocence, explaining that she was unwell and vomiting in the bathroom, but her mother still blamed her. Damini admits that she was unconcerned when she was ill but became anxious when she realized Radha was missing. Kadambari expresses her exhaustion with Damini’s dramatic behavior but insists on knowing the truth about Radha. In an attempt to prove her innocence, Damini decides to accompany Kadambari and leave.

Meanwhile, Radha remains trapped in the freezer, shivering and struggling to walk to generate warmth. She falls to the floor after accidentally hitting a basket. Cold and trembling, she covers herself and notices the blowers above her, realizing the reason for the intense cold. She wonders what she can do in her current situation. Despite her shivering, Radha musters the strength to continue walking. Unfortunately, she collides with the corner of a bench but manages to reach a corner where she attempts to push it, albeit in vain. Desperate to find some solace, Radha tries to hide in the corner but her restlessness causes her to start coughing. Feeling helpless, she tries to push a nearby box but struggles due to her injured hands. Finally, she succeeds in moving it aside. Aware that she cannot call for help, Radha concludes there is no point in attempting to do so. Though in pain, she musters the courage to stand up, only to be hurt once again.

Damini approached the operator, requesting access to the CCTV footage that captured the incident in the office. However, the operator informed her that the cameras were broken and no recording was available. Frustrated, Damini threatened to fire the operator if he didn’t reveal the truth. Kadambari intervened, signaling Damini to cease her aggressive behavior. She reprimanded the operator for his irresponsible actions and promptly dismissed him from the scene. Turning to Damini, Kadambari warned her to halt this act, revealing that she had intentionally disabled all the cameras to ensure there was no evidence left behind. Giving Damini one final chance to explain the whereabouts of Radha, Kadambari threatened to contact Mohan and disclose the entire truth. Since Damini refused to provide any information, Kadambari intended to rely on Mohan to extract the truth from her forcefully.

Meanwhile, as Radha continued walking, her attention was drawn to the blowers nearby. Feeling helpless, she desperately sought assistance. Recalling a conversation with Mohan, she remembered when Gungun had excitedly rushed to the cold storage, longing for an ice cream. Mohan had explained that it was where they stored the ice creams before distributing them to the shops. Radha and Gungun had wondered why they couldn’t purchase ice cream directly from there, and Mohan clarified that they sold large quantities to multiple trucks that arrived at seven o’clock for distribution. This memory brought smiles to Radha and Gungun’s faces as Mohan playfully remarked about Radha being late for the office, hinting at Damini’s potential punishment. Radha had kissed Gungun before leaving, but when Gungun inquired about a kiss for Mohan, Radha grew tense and hurriedly moved away.

Radha reflected on how Mohan always provided a glimmer of hope for her. Now, with the cold storage closing at eight o’clock and it being nine in the evening, she knew she had to endure another ten hours before any help arrived. Confined within the room, Radha pondered her options. Realizing there was no means of escape, she resolved to first prevent the room from getting any colder. Determined, Radha prepared to implement her plan.

Mohan grows increasingly anxious upon realizing that Radha’s phone is still switched off. Ketki and Ajeet also share his concern. In the midst of their worry, Tulsi prays to Bihari jee, hoping for Radha’s safe return. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Gungun implores Mohan to take action, as Radha seems to be entangled in some sort of trouble.

Meanwhile, Kaveri prays for her own phone to remain inactive, wishing for a swift demise. Mohan contemplates reaching out to his mother, while Kadambari, fixated on Damini, believes that she will contact Mohan. In an unexpected turn of events, Mohan receives a call from Damini on Gungun’s phone. Anticipating news about Radha, Kadambari anxiously asks if she has returned home, but Mohan reveals that she is still missing.

Expressing her frustration, Kadambari informs Mohan that she thoroughly searched the entire office but couldn’t find Radha. She suspects Damini’s involvement in the situation. Gungun, with a sense of foreboding, asserts her belief that something untoward has happened to Radha. She confronts Damini, urging her to confess if she had a hand in preventing Radha’s safe return.

Kaveri grows increasingly concerned, fearing that Kadambari has apprehended her daughter. Damini desperately attempts to convey her innocence to Mohan, who reassures her that Kadambari wouldn’t blame her without justification. He then inquires about Radha’s well-being.

Meanwhile, Radha realizes that she must close the blower by any means necessary to halt the flow of cold air into the cold storage room. Despite feeling lightheaded, she searches for a tool but fails to find anything useful. Finally, her eyes catch sight of duct tape placed on a nearby shelf, leading her to consider using it as a makeshift tool to stop the blower.

Although feeling extremely dizzy, Radha musters the strength to approach the blower. Standing beneath it, she tries to remove the boxes of ice cream. However, her injured hands cause excruciating pain, prompting her to scream and blow on the wounds for relief. Determined, Radha endeavors to lift the heaviest box, but the weight proves too much for her weakened state. As a result, she falls and her hand becomes trapped beneath the box, leading her to unleash another agonizing scream.

Mohan pleads with Damini to reveal the truth as tears stream down her face. She had hoped that he would believe her, but even he harbors suspicions. Desperate to prove her innocence, Damini dials the employee’s number, urgently instructing him to check the camera installed in her locked cabin. She explains that the lock was meant to prevent anyone from tampering with the footage. Thankfully, the employee confirms that the camera is operational and proceeds to play the recorded video.

Realizing that Mohan is eager to uncover the truth, Damini proposes a video call as she prepares to recount the events in detail. She recalls entering the cabin initially, unaware of Radha’s whereabouts after that point. Damini emphasizes that she only left the cabin when Maa herself arrived and called for her. To strengthen her case, Damini once again presents the video, reiterating that she never left the bathroom. Consequently, she questions how she could have harmed Radha if they were never together.

Expressing doubt, Tulsi asserts that Damini’s manner of speaking betrays her falsehoods. She implores Mohan to search for Radha, fearing that something terrible might have befallen her. Mohan’s face reveals deep concern as he watches the video, unaware that Radha is currently trapped in the cold storage, screaming in agony.

[Episode End]

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