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Pandya Store 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Dhara offering prayers in the temple. Overwhelmed with sorrow, she expresses remorse for her very existence and reflects upon the deprivation she experienced at the hands of her own mother. Tears stream down her cheeks as she monologues, pouring out her emotions to the divine. Dhara vows never to forgive her mother, feeling deeply betrayed by her actions. Similarly, Dhara’s mother, who happens to be the mother of Arushi as well, makes a silent promise to stay away from Dhara’s life, not wanting to disturb her further. Her anguished face reflects the pain she carries within. Suddenly, a collision occurs between them, and although Dhara senses her mother’s presence, she is unable to see her face. On one side, other people offer birthday wishes to Dhara, while on the other side, her cruel destiny continues to haunt her.

In this scene, Shiva is brimming with excitement about their upcoming meeting. When Deb questions Shiva’s apparent indifference, Shiva reveals his desire to invite Arushi to the birthday celebration. However, Dev advises against it, leading Shiva to feel frustrated by the lack of concern from others. Determined to take matters into his own hands, Shiva decides to handle everything himself. On the other side, Arushi’s mother discourages her from finalizing any marital relationship.

Meanwhile, Shiva contacts Arushi and extends an invitation to the birthday party, also requesting her to bring her mother along. Arushi accepts the invitation, eager to attend.

Raavi enters Shiva’s room and notices his preparations. Curious about his activities, she inquires about them, but Shiva’s irritation grows due to her presence. At that moment, Shivang appears and presents Raavi with new clothes to wear for the party. This gesture touches Shiva emotionally, and he embraces Shivang, feeling hopeful. Shweta enters the room and offers Shiva encouraging words, lifting his spirits further. Shiva is reminded to get ready for the party, and after they leave, Shweta and Shivang reveal their true intentions. It becomes clear that they aim to manipulate Shiva for their own benefit.

Rishita takes on the role of teaching the children a dance routine for the upcoming party, bringing joy to everyone during the rehearsal. However, Chiku sits there with indifference, not participating. When Rishita offers him a balloon, he tosses it into the air, leaving her confused about his behavior.

In the evening, Dhara heads towards the kitchen to prepare food for the party. Arushi is expected to arrive, and the unusual silence in the house surprises Dhara. As she steps onto the balcony, she is taken aback by the expressions of the other family members, sensing a strong resentment directed towards her. Despite this, Rishita pays no attention to Dhara’s resentment and takes her by the hand, lifting the spirits of the others. Raavi, Gautam, and Dev start dancing and singing, with Gautam pulling Dhara into the joyful celebration. Shiva extends his hand towards Dhara, but he keeps his gaze fixed on the entrance, waiting for Arushi’s arrival.

Suman urges Dhara to put a smile on her face, but Dhara finds it difficult to do so, as if she has forgotten how to smile. Raavi approaches Shiva and inquires why he is fixated on the door. Shiva doesn’t respond, but Raavi realizes he is waiting for someone. Meanwhile, Arushi arrives with a flower vase and a wide smile. The Pandya family members each express their individual gestures upon seeing her. Shiva warmly welcomes Arushi, praising her beauty. Dhara mentions that she feels they have met before. Raavi becomes saddened by Arushi’s presence. Arushi notices Dhara’s name written on the wall, capturing her attention.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dhara makes a firm promise that she will uncover the truth about Shweta very soon. Krish and Prerna stand by her side, offering their support in this endeavor.

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