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Pandya Store 14th May 2023 Written Story Update

Pandya Store 14th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with the chaotic situation in the Pandya family. Shiva receives a marriage proposal and becomes overjoyed, distributing sweets to the family members. However, when he gifts Raavi a sweet, she bursts into tears. This causes Shiva, Raavi, and Suman to become upset. In an attempt to arrange for his marriage, Shiva becomes distressed at the thought of remarrying.

Meanwhile, Aru, the girl who previously met with Shiva, is escorted back to her home. Upon noticing a photo of Dhara in her mother’s hand, Aru becomes enraged and throws it in the dustbin, expressing her hatred for Dhara. Witnessing Raavi’s tears, the children become emotional and vow to never consume non-vegetarian food again. Suman forgives them and urges them to refrain from eating meat in the future. She wishes that if only grown-ups had the hearts of children, such tantrums would never occur.

Prerna arrived at the bus stop and noticed Krish following her. She quickly boarded the bus, but in a sudden moment, another vehicle came from the opposite direction and was about to hit Krish. Prerna saw Krish in danger and ran towards him to save him. They both fell into a vegetable van, causing Krish to lose consciousness and stability. Prerna and Dhara tried to wake him up, but everyone was confused and disturbed.

Prerna hugged Krish tightly and confessed her love for him, while Dhara sprinkled some water on Krish, bringing him back to consciousness. They both embraced each other and shared their emotional bond.

After leaving the children, Suman and Rishita warned Raavi not to cry because she might fall in love. Shiva also declared that he would not allow Shiva to marry that girl. Meanwhile, outside, Shweta and Shivang discussed their future plans, with Shweta urging Shivang to hurry up before Krish won over Prerna’s heart again.

In the midst of the road, Shiva and Raavi began quarreling about why Raavi wouldn’t let him marry as there was no connection between them. Raavi dragged Shiva towards her and threatened him. Eventually, they both returned home, and Shweta and Shivang found their argument quite entertaining.

After a prolonged battle, Krish and Prerna eventually draw nearer to each other. Krish implores Dhara to assist them in reuniting. Prerna appeals to Dhara to resolve the issue and pledges to remain in the house in the hopes of reconciling with Krish. They both implore Dhara to devise a solution, and they all agree to return home. Shiva and Raavi also return, and Suman advises Raavi to control her emotions. Shiva is puzzled as to why he cannot marry anyone, prompting Raavi to call Bittu and inquire about Shiva’s father.

[Episode End]

Precap : As Raavi was attempting to explain her relationship with Shiva, Gombi interrupted and claimed that he would speak on behalf of Raavi. He proceeded to inform Shiva that Raavi was, in fact, his wife.

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