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Meet entered her room, and Manmeet was engrossed in a phone call with Pandit. Manmeet informed Meet that Pandit had arranged a pooja for the following morning and inquired about Chiku’s well-being. Meet reassured him that Chiku was currently doing well and mentioned her intention to contact Chanda regarding a certain photograph.

Meet dialed Chanda’s number and initiated a conversation about the photograph. Chanda promptly displayed the picture of a student and proceeded to ask the other children at the orphanage about it. Unbeknownst to Chanda, the manager caught sight of her actions and immediately suspected her of espionage. The manager, relieved that they had swapped the original photo, approached Chanda and abruptly declared her termination. Confused, Chanda inquired about the reason behind this decision, but the manager simply expressed dissatisfaction with her work. Chanda pleaded desperately to keep her job, but the manager berated her and threatened to summon security if necessary.

Meet tells Manmeet that Chiku is not one of the kids who ran away from the orphanage. Manmeet reassures Meet that they will find the missing child. Meet shares with Manmeet an interesting coincidence, mentioning that when she was pregnant with their first baby, she had chosen the name Chiku. Manmeet responds, speculating that the boy they found might have a different name. Meet then asks Manmeet about an article she read in the newspaper. Manmeet assures her that the kids’ photos will be printed, and he has even requested a reward of 2 Lakhs for any information about their parents.

While in the corridor, Meet spots Chiku. She approaches him and instructs him to go inside the room and sleep. Chiku, frightened, shakes his head indicating a refusal. Meet reassures him, saying there’s no need to be scared and invites him to sleep with her. She leads him to her room and sits beside him, singing a lullaby. Eventually, Chiku falls asleep. Meet remarks that it feels like he’s experiencing a peaceful slumber for the first time.

Gunwanti approached Lata, holding some gifts, and asked her about their purpose. Lata replied, “These are arrangements for Chiku’s temple puja.” Gunwanti expressed her astonishment to Mahendra, saying, “Do you have any idea what’s happening in our home? They’re conducting a puja for an outsider child.” Mahendra responded, “I don’t know what’s wrong with them. The newspaper guy told me that Manmeet went to print an article about kids with a 2 lakh rupee reward.” Gunwanti remarked, “If you or Narendra had done the same, you would have been thrown out of this house.” Mahendra told her to be quiet and asked her to bring some water.

Meanwhile, Chiku was sitting and having water when Kanika noticed him and quickly hid behind a column. She thought to herself, “Thank God, he hasn’t seen me yet. Otherwise, he would have alerted everyone.” Chiku happened to catch Kanika’s reflection in the mirror, which frightened him. He ran into the room where Sarkar was performing a havan. Accidentally, Chiku slipped and disrupted the havan, leading to Sarkar’s anger. Everyone gathered in the common area, and Jasodha asked what had happened. Sarkar explained, “This kid disturbed my puja today. He threw everything.” Meet intervened, saying, “He’s just a small kid; it must have been a mistake. Besides, kids are considered to be avatars of gods.” Gunwanti disagreed, stating, “You’re calling this outsider boy a god, and he disturbed Sarkar’s puja. Yesterday, they didn’t even come to our puja.” Mahendra asked Manmeet about his connection to Chiku and why he had offered a 2 lakh rupee reward for him. Gunwanti added, “Today, they held a puja for this boy, but they didn’t come to ours yesterday.” Manmeet clarified, “The puja is for Meet’s first child, who is no longer alive. His name was also Chiku. We couldn’t find his parents, so we had to offer a reward.” Sarkar stated, “It’s not about the kid or the monkey; it’s about the principles causing all this mess in our family. I tolerate your wife because of my love for my son, but I won’t tolerate everything.” Sarkar turned to Meet and warned, “You’re still in this house because I love my son dearly. This is my house; don’t try to run it as if it’s your own.” Sarkar then addressed Manmeet, saying, “You used to get angry when something happened to me, but you’re not the same kid anymore. If you’re still that same kid, throw Chiku out of this house. Today, you have to choose between me and the kid.” Manmeet pleaded, “We have no knowledge of the kid’s parents, and if I obey you and throw him out, he’ll end up on the streets. It goes against humanity. I beg you, please don’t ask me to choose between you and him.” Sarkar insisted, “Today is the time for a tough decision. Choose, Manmeet.” Manmeet inquired, “If I choose the kid, what will you say?” Sarkar replied, “If that’s your decision, then you know what to do. Leave Sarkar Mahal right now with your wife.” Manmeet turned to Meet and declared, “I stand with you. Together, we will save this kid. We will find his parents and not leave him until we do.” Manmeet apologized to Sarkar for not choosing him and explained why he couldn’t do so. Sarkar stated, “If

In Meet’s room, Sumeet and Meet share a tender moment with kisses. Suddenly, Manmeet enters the room and discovers Sumeet peacefully sleeping. Meet informs Manmeet that she needs to leave to assist Chiku. Manmeet sits down next to Meet and embraces her, offering comfort. Outside the room, Kanika observes the scene.

Manmeet suggests that they go together, acknowledging that it will only be for a few days. Meet, considering the suffering Manmeet experiences due to his father’s silence, expresses her desire to handle this task alone. She assures Manmeet that once she finds Chiku’s parents, she will return to their family. Kanika enters the room and states that she cannot bear to see the two of them separated. She proposes that Meet entrust the child to her, promising to find his parents and even offering to seek assistance from a minister if necessary. Kanika assures them that she won’t take much time.

Manmeet agrees with Kanika, acknowledging her capabilities and suggesting that they don’t have to part ways. He asks Meet to reconsider and stay with him. After some thought, Meet agrees to Manmeet’s request. Kanika privately thinks about Sumeet, realizing that her brother will be long gone by the time he wakes up. She observes how Meet, the daughter, saved the child from near-death, while the mother is inadvertently pushing the child towards danger again.

To address the situation, Kanika decides to summon her staff, who will take care of the child and ensure his well-being. She assures Meet that they will look after him and promises to call her staff immediately. Meet, however, feels anxious about the prospect of Chiku leaving under such circumstances.

[Episode End]

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