Maitree 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On

In the episode, we see Harsh answering a phone call from his mother. His mother asks if he has eaten. Harsh tells her that he had food at his business partner Maitree’s house and is now going back to the hotel. She asks him to speak with his father. Harsh says he doesn’t have time and ends the call. Harsh, feeling angry, remembers how his father used to treat him badly.

Ashish goes to Nandish’s room and sees that Nandish is not there. His clothes are also gone. Ashish goes outside to look for Nandish. Nandish has gotten lost on the road and is trying to find his way to Maitree’s house. He is scared and crying, calling out for Maitree. He stops an old man and asks him where Maitree lives. The old man pushes Nandish away and walks off. In the meantime, Maitree wakes up in the middle of the night, feeling worried about Nandish and hoping he is okay.

Ashish and his family search the entire house but cannot find Nandish. Om suggests that Ashish should call the police. Ashish calls Maitree and tells her that Nandish is missing. Maitree says she will inform her father and contact the police.

Nandish is almost involved in a car accident while trying to read Maitree’s address on a piece of paper. Luckily, Harsh saves Nandish just in time and tries to comfort him. Dinesh calls Varun and asks them to search for Nandish. Meanwhile, Maitree and Sachin also go out to look for Nandish.

Nandish tells Harsh that he wants to go to his mother. Harsh responds by saying that everyone wants to be with their mothers and takes Nandish to a juice corner.

On the way, Ashish wonders why Nandish left the house, and Nandini regrets scolding him. She reassures Ashish not to worry and promises that they will find Nandish. Back at home, Kusum expresses her concern about Nandish’s whereabouts. Sona mentions that Nandini’s treatment of Nandish is not good and that he may have run away from home because of her.

Harsh tries to gather more information from Nandish. Nandish explains that he ran away from home because his mother scolded him and he wants to meet his Aayi (mother). Harsh asks him to tell his parents’ names. Sachin and Maitree continue searching for Nandish. Harsh asks Nandish to provide his address so he can take him there, but Nandish admits that he lost the address. He just wants to go to his “Maitree Mom” because she loves him a lot. Harsh asks Nandish to tell him her full name, but Nandish says he doesn’t know it. Harsh then asks Nandish to tell him his parents’ names, and Nandish mentions Maitree’s name. Harsh realizes that Nandish is referring to Maitree. He tells Nandish that he is a friend of Maitree and assures him that he will take him to her. He asks Nandish to promise him that they will become friends, and Nandish agrees. Harsh tries to call Maitree, but she hangs up the call.

Maitree answers Ashish’s phone call and assures him that they will find Nandish soon. Nandini suggests that Nandish might go to Maitree’s house, and Maitree agrees that it’s a possibility. They decide to search the route to Maitree’s house. Since Maitree is busy, Harsh offers to take Nandish on his bike to Maitree’s place.

Nandini spots someone taking Nandish and immediately alerts Ashish, telling him that someone is kidnapping their son. Ashish starts chasing Harsh. Eventually, Harsh brings Nandish to Maitree’s house, but Ashish catches up and stops his car. Nandini confronts Harsh, gripping his collar, and angrily asks how he dares to kidnap her son. Maitree and her parents come outside to see what’s happening. Harsh asks Maitree why she didn’t answer his calls and clarifies to Nandini that he is Maitree’s friend, not a kidnapper. Nandini releases Harsh’s collar. Nandish joyfully hugs Maitree, while Nandini appears unhappy.

[Episode End]

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