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Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Story Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene begins with Khushi confiding in Ranbir about her daring escape from the orphanage. After recounting her escape, Ranbir inspects Khushi to ensure that she isn’t injured. Khushi then questions whether Ranbir is worried about her, to which he replies in the affirmative.

Recalling Pallavi’s words about Ranbir being her father, Khushi embraces Ranbir tightly. Ranbir, confused by Khushi’s sudden outburst, inquires about what’s going on. Khushi reveals that she had always yearned for a father and, in him, she has found the world’s greatest dad. Overwhelmed by emotion, Khushi refers to Ranbir as “dad” and confirms that she knows he is her father.

At this moment, Daljeet spots Khushi and questions her about how she arrived there. Without delay, she takes Khushi aside to speak with her in private.

Prachi and Akshay arrived at the orphanage and were greeted by an elderly lady. Prachi expressed her desire to see Khushi and pleaded with the old lady to grant her permission. Moved by Prachi’s love for the child, the old lady summoned Avni to fetch Khushi. Avni headed to the dimly lit room where Khushi was supposed to be, but found her missing. Alarmed by the situation and fearing the consequences of the child’s disappearance, Avni hastily left the room.

In this scenario, Daljeet informs everyone that Khushi has arrived at their home. Rhea tells Khushi that she is connected to everyone through Ranbir, while Rhea and Khushi share a connection through Khushi’s mother. Vikram inquires of Ranbir how Khushi ended up at their house. Khushi reveals that she came on her own. When Khushi calls Vikram “grandfather,” he becomes emotional and informs Daljeet. Khushi dries Vikram’s tears and requests a hug. Vikram embraces Khushi. Ranbir inquires of Khushi who informed her that he was her father. Pallavi and Daljeet confess to it. Pallavi admits that she couldn’t bear to see Khushi unhappy. Ranbir suggests that it might be God’s will. He exits the premises thereafter.

Akshay attempts to console Prachi and encourages her not to worry. After a while, Prachi notices Avni approaching and inquires about Khushi’s whereabouts. Avni informs Prachi that Khushi is missing. The elderly lady suggests that Khushi may be in her room and advises Avni to investigate. Avni admits to having locked Khushi in a dark room because she refused to obey her. Prachi rebukes Avni for subjecting a child to such treatment. Avni asserts that Khushi is not in the dark room. Prachi suggests that Khushi may be hiding in the room instead. The elderly lady decides to take Prachi to the dark room to search for Khushi while instructing Avni to search other areas. Akshay accompanies Avni.

Pallavi snatches the phone from Ranbir’s hand and inquires about his call. Ranbir reveals that he has a plan to prevent Khushi’s name from appearing on the adoption list. He proposes obtaining a stay on her adoption, and consequently, contacts his lawyer. Pallavi returns the phone to Ranbir and encourages him to make the call. After reaching the lawyer, Ranbir expresses his apologies for contacting him at such an unusual hour and inquires about the possibility of preventing any child from being adopted from the orphanage. The lawyer questions Ranbir’s intentions and implies that his plan may be illegal. Nevertheless, Ranbir insists on obtaining custody of his daughter and terminates the call.

Akshay reprimands Avni for her conduct, and Avni expresses regret for her actions. Prachi and the elderly woman inquire with the other kids in the orphanage about Khushi’s whereabouts, but they receive no affirmative responses. After their unsuccessful search, Prachi and Akshay come together and inform each other that they were unable to locate Khushi.

Prachi alerted Ranbir that Khushi had fled from the orphanage, and it’s possible that the authorities may come looking for her, given that she had been at their residence before being placed in the orphanage. Pallavi was asked by Ranbir if he should return Khushi to the orphanage, to which she replied that she did not want her to stay there, but rather to be taken somewhere else. Ranbir expressed his determination to establish that Khushi was his daughter. However, Khushi had little faith that he could convince others of this fact.

[Episode End]

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