Imlie 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Kia expressing her disdain to Akash about having to entertain the kids due to Imlie’s presence. Shivani advises Kia to bring joy to the children’s faces, reminding her that they are merely children who shouldn’t be judged. In the midst of their conversation, Rudra appears donned in a clown’s costume, eliciting laughter from Kia. Rudra mentions Devika’s absence from the party, to which Imlie responds that Devika being in Goa is sufficient for her.

Soon, the host announces that the kids will perform a dance on stage. While making her way, Imlie accidentally collides with Arto, causing her to drop the star she was holding. Arto kindly retrieves it for her, and Chini swiftly whisks him away from the scene. Meanwhile, Imlie takes center stage, envisioning Arto as her dance partner. After the dance concludes, the host invites the children to deliver speeches individually on stage.

Arto considers removing his face mask, but she quickly advises him against it, fearing that Imlie might recognize him. She feels remorseful that Arto won’t be able to hear Kairi’s speech. Meanwhile, Kairi excuses herself to use the restroom, and Chini seizes the opportunity to persuade her to return home, citing her unwell condition. Despite Kairi’s desire to deliver her speech, Chini manages to convince her otherwise, knowing that she must maintain the lie for the sake of Arto and Kairi, ensuring they don’t encounter Imlie.

In a private conversation, Rudra hands Chini a blank check, instructing her to fill in any desired amount and leave with Arto, far away from Imlie. Rudra explains that Arto has always had complaints against him and that he himself has forgotten about Imlie. However, for Imlie’s happiness, it is best that Arto and Kairi do not meet her. Perplexed, Rudra questions Chini about her reluctance to accept the checks.

Chini asserts that she has changed and is no longer driven by greed. She is acting in the best interest of Arto and Kairi. Soon, Kairi approaches Rudra, introducing Chini to him and inquiring if he is upset. Rudra deflects the topic, inwardly worrying that if Devika were to discover he had concealed the truth, she might never forgive him. Both Arto and Devika would despise him, but he believes he has no alternative.

Later, Arto questions Chini about Kairi’s presence. She offers a plausible excuse, attributing it to Kairi’s ill health and her desire to return home. The host calls Kairi onto the stage, and she assures everyone that her speech will be concise, wrapping up quickly. Chini contemplates allowing Kairi to deliver her speech, understanding that denying her the opportunity would only cause her pain.

With great enthusiasm, Kairi steps onto the stage just as Imlie begins searching for her. Overwhelmed by emotions, Kairi starts her speech, fondly speaking about her father and her best friend. She praises her father’s loving care whenever she falls ill and his talent for cooking delicious meals. In the midst of Kairi’s speech, Devika experiences a peculiar connection and is reminded of Arto.

As Kairi continues to express her gratitude, she praises Imlie for her warm and welcoming nature, likening her to a protective figure like Sita Mumma. Curiosity piqued, Arto questions Chini about the person Kairi is referring to. Chini quickly suggests that it could be a teacher, attempting to divert his attention. Meanwhile, Imlie turns around, catching a glimpse of Kairi’s father.

[Episode End]

Precap : As thoughts of Kairi consume her mind, Imlie becomes aware of Kairi’s fall. Rushing to her side, Imlie is accompanied by Arto and Chini. However, as Arto witnesses Imlie’s presence, he stands frozen in shock, and Imlie locks her gaze with him.

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