Imlie 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Imlie clutching the presents, and her locket becomes entangled with one of the gifts. Dhairya steps in to assist her in separating the locket, ensuring its safety. He mentions how even Sita Maiya protects her own locket. Observing Imlie’s slight emotional state, Dhairya inquires if her sadness stems from the children’s departure. Imlie confirms, and he lightens her mood with laughter. As a gesture, he presents her with a drawing made by Kairi. The drawing depicts tamarind and raw mango, bringing immense joy to Imlie. Later, Arto informs Chini that he needs to use the restroom before they depart. Reluctant to let him go, Chini expresses her overprotectiveness. Arto playfully teases her, but she swiftly escorts him away to avoid being seen by Imlie. Meanwhile, Imlie arrives at the same location with the presents, accidentally dropping them along with her locket. Chini positions herself between Imlie and Arto, ensuring they don’t notice each other. Chini assists Imlie in retrieving her locket before departing with Arto.

Imlie requests Rudra to distribute the gifts among the children, and he proceeds to do so. Kairi asks for her own gift, and Rudra fulfills her request. Imlie bids a tearful farewell to Kairi and asks if she has taken everything with her. Kairi suggests checking for any forgotten items. Rudra informs Imlie that Kairi has taken everything and urges her to let go, as her family is waiting. Dhairya approaches Imlie, concerned about her well-being. She expresses her immense sadness, feeling as if she is being separated from her own child.

Meanwhile, Devika experiences pain in her hand, coinciding with Arto’s injury to his hand. Rudra notices Chini and Arto standing outside. Imlie intends to visit Kairi, but Rudra advises against it, fearing she might become too emotional. Dhairya agrees with Rudra’s suggestion. Suddenly, Imlie hears Kairi screaming in distress. She rushes to her aid, helping her up after she fell. Arto and Chini stand shocked at the sight of Imlie with Kairi. Arto recalls his earlier argument with Dhairya, while Dhairya approaches Imlie. Arto feels numb, and Chini picks up Kairi, silently leaving the scene. Imlie releases Kairi’s hand, her heart breaking in the process.

Rudra advises Imlie that it’s time for her to move forward and consider her own future. Imlie yearns for Arto and questions why he left that day without listening to her, believing she has lost him forever. Now, Kairi resembles her own daughter, reminding her of Arto. Meanwhile, Arto walks along a rain-soaked road, expressing his frustration that Imlie seemingly forgot about him and chose to support Dhairya instead of being there for her husband. He proclaims that Kairi is solely his daughter, and Imlie has no rights over her. In his frustration, he shouts aloud, drawing the scolding of a passing car driver for obstructing the road.

Back at her place, Imlie examines Kairi’s drawing and decides to call her father. As she introduces herself over the phone, Arto is taken aback upon hearing her voice.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kairi reveals Imlie’s locket to Arto, and upon inspecting it, he discovers his own photo inside. This revelation prompts him to question whether he misunderstood Imlie for the past five years. Meanwhile, Dhairya takes the opportunity to propose marriage to Imlie.

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