Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 19 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 19 May 2023 Written Story Update On

Amba scolds Sai for wearing her ex-husband’s gifted sari instead of her current husband Satya’s. Sai explains that her son gave her this sari as a gift. Amba argues that even though her son gave it to her, it was purchased by her ex-husband, as sons don’t typically gift saris to their mothers on Vatsavitri Pooja day. Satya tries to calm the situation, saying it’s alright if Sai wore her son’s gifted sari and assures her that he will perform the pooja on her behalf. Amba eventually calms down. A neighbor calls Amba for the pooja, and the ladies gather for the ceremony.

During the pooja, one of the ladies suggests they close their eyes and think about their husbands while performing the ritual. Sai closes her eyes and envisions Virat instead. She reminisces about last year’s pooja with Virat and the Chavan family. Satya plans to propose to Sai after the pooja.

After the ceremony, the ladies ask Sai to sing a snippet mentioning her husband’s name. Sai hesitates but agrees upon their insistence, and mistakenly mentions Virat’s name instead. Everyone is shocked by her response. Sai quickly corrects herself and mentions Satya’s name next. The ladies question how she could mention someone else’s name, even by accident. Satya reassures them, saying it’s alright. He goes to fill a food plate for Sai, while his inner voice taunts him, reminding him that Sai hasn’t forgotten Virat yet. However, Satya is determined to propose to her and angrily confronts his inner thoughts.

Amba becomes upset, feeling that Sai is repeatedly hurting Satya. Gowri empathizes, saying that a woman can forget her past and present love, but not the father of her children. She explains that Sai is going through a difficult phase. Amba expresses her concern, unable to bear seeing Satya in pain. Maddy suggests that sending Sai and Satya on a honeymoon might be a good idea.

Satya plans a dinner outing with Sai and informs her about it. As they prepare to leave, Sai remembers a past moment with Virat when he took her to a restaurant after breaking their fast, and they made a promise to visit a restaurant together every year. They both dress up and are about to step out when Amba stops them and presents them with flight tickets. Sai is taken aback and asks Amba about the tickets. Amba reveals that she is sending them on their honeymoon and requests them to come home late that night. Satya agrees wholeheartedly and they leave together. Amba and the rest of the family believe that Sai and Satya will grow closer to each other during their honeymoon.

While in the car, Sai expresses her dissatisfaction with Satya’s family’s idea of a honeymoon. Satya reminds her that he promised to support her, and she promised to keep his family happy. He explains that his mother was disappointed with Sai for not wearing the sari he had gifted her and for not mentioning his name during the pooja. Satya doesn’t want to further disappoint his mother.

He takes Sai to the same restaurant where Virat had taken her before. Initially, she refuses to get out of the car, but Satya persuades her with his clever and charming words. Eventually, she agrees and they enter the restaurant. The manager offers them a couple’s thali and informs them that a photographer will take their picture, which they will receive along with the bill. Sai hesitates, but Satya convinces her and then excuses himself to use the restroom. Unbeknownst to Sai, Virat is sitting at a table in the back, visibly intoxicated.

[Episode End]

Precap : Inebriated and emotional, Virat confronts Sai as he notices her and Satya at the same restaurant where they had made a promise to visit every year after their fast. He approaches Sai and forcefully feeds her food, his actions fueled by his intoxicated state. In the midst of this tense moment, a photographer captures their picture.

Satya, witnessing the scene, becomes enraged and swiftly grabs hold of Virat’s collar, ready to retaliate. However, Sai intervenes, pleading with Satya to let Virat go and defuse the situation.

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