Faltu 7th May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 7th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Faltu expressing her desire to take food to Ayaan. Savita offers to accompany her, but Janardhan intervenes, stating that there is no need for them to go. However, Faltu insists on going and promises to return soon. Janardhan cautions her against the possibility of Tanu and Kanika scheming against them. Meanwhile, Faltu receives a call from their lawyer, who informs them that Ayaan has been arrested and they need to bail him out. Unfortunately, the lawyer declines the case, citing Kanika’s influence. Janardhan suspects foul play and accuses Kanika of buying off the lawyer. Faltu assures everyone that she will seek other lawyers to handle the case and promises that Ayaan will not suffer. However, she blames herself for the situation, believing that Tanu is seeking revenge against her family.

Ayaan experiences hiccups and drinks water while contemplating Faltu’s worry for him. Meanwhile, Faltu rushes to her room, distraught at the thought of Ayaan in jail. Tanu appears and pretends to sympathize with Faltu, claiming that Ayaan does not deserve this treatment. Tanu goes on to assert that Faltu is selfish and does not love Ayaan. Faltu refutes Tanu’s claims and accuses her of hurting Ayaan. Tanu admits to having been married to Ayaan and blames Faltu for their separation. Faltu rebukes Tanu for her accusations.

Harsh discusses the situation with lawyers while Faltu expresses her desire to meet Ayaan. However, Kinshuk denies her access to Ayaan. Janardhan believes that Kanika’s influence is the reason why no lawyer is willing to take the case. Sid arrives, and Faltu and Janardhan implore him to bail out Ayaan, warning him against ruining his life.

The conversation among the group members turns into a heated argument when Sid accuses Ayaan of committing fraud. According to Sid, Ayaan was displaying an attitude and even threatened to take legal action against him. However, Janardhan intervenes and apologizes on Ayaan’s behalf, stating that Sid’s accusations were made in anger, and they are all family.

Despite Janardhan’s apology, Sid remains firm, stating that he has no control over the legal proceedings as Kanika is handling the case. Harsh, another member of the group, criticizes Kanika’s actions, claiming that she is blinded by revenge. Sid agrees with Harsh and mentions that they need to find evidence to prove Ayaan’s innocence, or else Kanika will drag him to court.

Ayaan accuses Sid of plotting against him, but Sid denies it. As the group members leave, Faltu suggests that they take care of Ayaan, and Janardhan agrees. However, as Sid leaves, he secretly calls the police and instructs them to torture Ayaan to the extent that he thinks Tanu is behind it. Unbeknownst to Sid, Tanu overhears his conversation with the police.

The man deceives the woman who then inquires about Ayaan’s well-being and whether the police are mistreating him. He deflects her concern and comments on her facial expression. Kanika arrives, and Tanu declares that Faltu doesn’t love Ayaan, but she does. Tanu suggests they visit Ayaan, but Kanika advises against it and recommends waiting until the following day. Kanika departs, and Sid claims Tanu belongs only to him. The Inspector argues with Ayaan and attempts to provoke him. Janardhan enters the scene and inquires about their behavior. Ayaan spots his family members, and Faltu embraces him. The Inspector ejects Faltu, and a Constable reprimands him.

The inspector informed them that the hotel did not meet the standards of a five-star establishment and asked them to leave. Janardhan pleaded with the inspector to give them five more minutes to meet with Ayaan. After some persuasion, the inspector agreed.

Upon meeting with Ayaan, Janardhan asked how he was feeling. Ayaan assured him that he was fine and expressed confidence that his lawyer would be able to find a solution to their predicament. However, Harsh delivered the news that no prominent lawyer was willing to take on their case, leaving Ayaan feeling anxious and worried. [Episode End]

Precap : The statement made by Faltu expresses their commitment to helping Ayaan by obtaining the services of a lawyer. Faltu vows to bring Ayaan back home, demonstrating their determination to support and protect Ayaan’s rights.

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