Faltu 13th May 2023 Written Story Update

Faltu 13th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Faltu offering Tanisha a bowl of soup, but Tanisha hesitates to try it. She asks Sid to taste it first, and upon his approval, Tanisha gains the motivation to eat. However, she teases Faltu about her poor living conditions, to which Faltu responds with a witty retort. Faltu then heads to the kitchen to prepare dessert, while Sid and Tanisha discuss their plans for the future. Faltu eavesdrops on their conversation while mixing medicine into the Khir dessert.

Later, Kanika asks Faltu why the rest of the family doesn’t join them for breakfast, and Faltu explains that they are not interested in eating with the “evils.” Tanisha questions Faltu’s intention behind preparing the food, and Faltu explains that she only wanted to make others happy. Upon hearing this, Tanisha and Kanika happily indulge in the dessert.

Meanwhile, Faltu, Sahanna, and Kinshuk discuss their next plan, with the cousins expressing fear that the elders will wake up. However, Faltu assures them that it won’t happen. After eating the dessert, the “evils” become extremely drowsy, and Kanika decides to spend the night at the Mittal family’s house, sleeping in the guest room.

Tanisha asks Sid if he has arranged for goons to beat up Ayaan, and he confirms that he has. Ayaan is mocked as a thief and placed in the same cell as the goons, who harbor a grudge against him. Although Ayaan behaves well in prison, he is not offered any privileges, and the goons remain vengeful towards him.

Faltu and Sahanna were on a mission to ensure that the evil forces were fast asleep. They headed towards Kanika’s house and upon reaching, Kinshuk dressed up as a normal person and put on an act in front of the home guard. He pretended to be a biriyani seller and offered them packets of biriyani, along with some alcohol. Initially hesitant, the guards were eventually provoked by Kinshuk to indulge in the alcohol and kept them busy with the entertainment.

Meanwhile, Faltu and Sahanna prepared to enter Kanika’s house. Suhanna deactivated the CCTV camera and they made their way inside. As they entered, the guards were getting drunk and started to babble. Kinshuk continued to keep them busy, but suddenly, one of the guards went to check inside the room. Kinshuk managed to convince him that he would be caught on CCTV if he did so and was asked to check the room instead. In the meantime, Faltu and Sahanna continued their search for confirmation and stumbled upon Kanika’s locked locker.

In the confines of the prison, Ayaan immerses himself in the knowledge of law books. Despite his focus, he is frequently subjected to ridicule and harassment by a group of malicious individuals. The constant taunting and poking eventually push Ayaan to call for police intervention, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Matters escalate when the thugs physically assault Ayaan, prompting him to retaliate and emerge victorious. However, his triumph is short-lived as the attackers continue to beat him mercilessly. In a moment of self-defense, Ayaan delivers a powerful blow to one of his assailants, only for a police officer to arrive on the scene and accuse him of wrongdoing.

[Episode End]

Precap : Despite searching the entire house of Kanika, Faltu refuses to give up hope and continues her quest for something important. She inquires with Sahana if there is a particular room in the house that holds significance. Sahana suggests that the room of Guruji may be of special interest.

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