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Dheere Dheere Se 22 May 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere Se 22 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Jagjeevan engaging in self-inflicted harm, prompting Bhawana, Abhishek, and Vidya to intervene and attempt to restrain him. Witnessing this, Bhanu steps in and implores Jagjeevan to redirect his punishment towards him instead, urging him not to inflict harm upon himself. Jagjeevan vehemently responds, proclaiming that the most agonizing experience for a parent is witnessing their child suffer, which is precisely why he is subjecting himself to such pain. He further asserts that a child should be held accountable for their parents’ actions, but today, he will take it upon himself to endure the suffering in order to penalize Bhanu. Overwhelmed with emotion, Bhanu weeps and fervently pleads with Jagjeevan to spare him from such punishment.

Jagjeevan informs Bhanu that his additional punishment is to fulfill Bhawana’s desires. Bhanu is required to comply with all of Bhawana’s wishes. Moreover, Jagjeevan instructs Bhanu to spend the next fifty days outside the house and survive by begging on the streets. This revelation leaves Bhanu in a state of shock. Frustrated, Jagjeevan forcefully hits his head against a pillar, threatening to harm himself if Bhanu refuses to comply. Bhawana, however, attempts to intervene, expressing her belief that individuals should recognize their own mistakes and that it is inappropriate to enforce change or impose punishment on others to alter their hearts. Jagjeevan sternly instructs Bhawana not to interfere in the matter.

Despite Malini’s attempt to prevent him, Bhanu leaves the house. Once outside, he begins sharpening a knife, catching the attention of Raghav and Brij Mohan, who are engaged in a discussion about the Sharma Ji case on the balcony. Startled by Bhanu’s actions, they speculate that it could be another one of the Shastri family’s dramas. Bhawana emerges from the house, witnessing Bhanu’s distressed state, and urgently calls for everyone’s attention. The Shastri family members gather outside, drawn by Bhawana’s distress.

Bhanu startled everyone by intentionally harming himself with a sharpened knife. Witnessing this shocking act, Malini rushed to intervene, but Bhanu adamantly insisted that she stay away. Raghav and his entire family stood there, watching the distressing scene unfold before their eyes. Determined, Malini declared that she would never allow anyone to humiliate Bhanu, going so far as to threaten to take her own life if Jagjeevan refused to reconsider his decision.

In a swift and decisive move, Abhishek disarmed Bhanu, gently guiding both him and Malini back inside the house. The Srivastav family observed the entire episode and retreated to their own home, processing the intense encounter. Bhawana and Raghav locked eyes, their unspoken thoughts echoing in the silence between them.

With tears streaming down her face, Malini pleaded with Bhanu, desperately seeking an explanation for his actions. Bhanu, in a solemn tone, revealed that he believed it was necessary to comply with Jagjeevan’s orders. He explained that if he were to face the consequences alone, without Jagjeevan’s involvement, he would likely remain imprisoned indefinitely. Determined to follow through, Bhanu prepared himself to depart for the Ashram. Despite Malini’s heartfelt pleas, Bhanu managed to convince her to respect his decision. He entrusted her with the responsibility of keeping a watchful eye on both Bhawana and Amit until his return.

Meanwhile, Dimple grew increasingly anxious as Abhishek failed to answer her calls. Sensing her unease, Swati attempted to extract information from Dimple, secretly plotting to discover the identity of the person she was conversing with. Intrigued by the mystery, Swati discreetly departed, intent on uncovering Dimple’s clandestine contact.

The Shastri family anxiously awaits Bhanu’s arrival in the living area, where they find him dressed in pristine white attire. Amit and Bhanu exchange a warm embrace, yet deep down, they both harbor doubts about each other’s trustworthiness. Seeking Jagjeevan’s blessings, Bhanu humbly requests his support in following his instructions. Jagjeevan, however, responds with a mocking remark. Undeterred, Bhanu defends his past mistakes and confronts Jagjeevan, warning him about the folly of giving excessive importance to Bhawana. Bhanu also shifts the blame onto Bhawana, but she swiftly reminds him of his own misdeeds, effectively silencing him. Jagjeevan interrupts, instructing Bhanu to halt his tirade, and then summons Bhawana to retrieve an item he has kept aside for Bhanu. Bhawana obliges and opens the item as requested by Jagjeevan, leaving everyone astonished. To their disbelief, a plate and tumbler are revealed. Jagjeevan demands that Bhanu beg for them, inciting fury within him, yet Bhanu reluctantly complies. Bhawana hands over the items, and Bhanu glares at her with seething resentment.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dimple and Abhishek deliver the surprising news to Raghav and Bhawana that they have fallen in love, leaving both of them in a state of shock. As night falls, Raghav and Bhawana come to the realization that Abhishek and Dimple have eloped. Determined to locate them, they embark on a search, only to find their families already gathered. Brij Mohan directs a series of probing questions towards Raghav, while Malini accuses Bhawana of engaging in an affair with him.

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