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Dheere Dheere 11th May 2023 Written Story Update

Dheere Dheere 11th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Jagjeevan cautioning the family members to follow the priest’s words and requesting them to have their dinner in their respective rooms. After receiving the items from the priest, he goes inside. Later that night, Aanchal pleads with Bhawana to forgive her and warns that if she does not, she will not eat. However, Bhawana refuses to give in to Aanchal’s demands and scolds her before leaving. Aanchal contemplates how to inform Bhawana about her interest in dance classes and recalls Aarushi’s advice to make her own decisions.

Meanwhile, Raghav speaks to the inspector about the lead on Dimple’s attacker and wonders who could have committed the crime. He also experiences a headache while pondering over both Gaurav and Bhawana’s behavior towards him. Bhawana notices Raghav clutching his head from the balcony and pretends to ask Aanchal to fetch her a kada for her own headache. Raghav and Bhawana exchange glances, and he realizes that Bhawana sees him as a friend and is fulfilling her responsibility towards him. He requests Devraj to bring him some kada for his headache, and Bhawana departs from the scene.

After a while, Jagjeevan opened the door to their house and allowed the Sorcerer to enter. The Sorcerer proceeded to ask the Shastris if they had followed his instructions, to which Jagjeevan confirmed that they had. However, when Baghat Ji opened the jar, they were all shocked to find that the contents inside had turned black. Jagjeevan became worried and asked the Sorcerer how this could have happened. The Sorcerer responded by saying that someone was going against God’s will and polluting their house.

Vidya then questioned Baghat Ji, as the only people in the house were family members, asking who could be responsible for what was happening. Baghat Ji stared at each family member and then focused his gaze on Bhawana, making her feel uneasy. Baghat Ji approached Bhawana and recited some mantras. He then dropped ashes onto the ground, surprising everyone. Malini inquired about what was happening, and the Sorcerer requested her to bring a fruit and a knife. Malini followed his orders and gave the fruit and knife to Bhawana. Bhawana cut the fruit, only to discover that the inside had turned black.

Baghat Ji drops a bombshell on everyone by accusing Bhawana of being the reason for the troubles in their household. Bhawana defends herself, stating that she always prioritizes her family’s well-being and is deeply concerned about them. Jagjeevan is torn between the two conflicting statements and feels helpless. Baghat Ji rebukes Bhawana for daring to question him and accuses her of living a luxurious life despite being a widow, which has upset the spirit of her late husband Deepak, leading to the current situation.

Bhawana is incensed by Baghat Ji’s allegations and protests vehemently, holding up Deepak’s photo frame as a testament to her grief. Baghat Ji warns Bhawana that if she doesn’t change her ways, there will be severe consequences for her family. Both Malini and Jagjeevan are reminded of the misfortunes that have befallen Bhanu and Amit, and they implore Baghat Ji for guidance on how to save their family.

Baghat Ji tells them that it is up to Bhawana to set things right. He suggests that she donate her jewellery and clothes and live the life of a traditional widow. Malini believes that Bhawana will comply with Baghat Ji’s orders out of respect for her late husband. Bhawana is left in tears, contemplating the prospect of having to give up her identity and live a life of mourning.

[Episode End]

Precap : The Shastri family made plans to have a meal together, but things took an unexpected turn when Bhanu began to behave strangely. He revealed that he had arrived with the intention of disrupting the peace within the family, leaving everyone shocked.

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