Chashni 17 May 2023 Written Story Update

Chashni 17 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Vimla revealing the truth to Raunaq. She explains how Sumer was content with less money and only wished for Chitra’s happiness. Raunaq becomes emotional upon learning the reality. Vimla discloses that Sanjot, driven by her focus on business, manipulated Chitra instead. She elaborates on how Sanjot fabricated false evidence to make Chitra believe that Sumer was having an extramarital affair. Raunaq, influenced by these fake pieces of evidence, also fell for the deception. However, Sumer had always been faithful to Chitra, and everything was orchestrated by Sanjot.

Chitra left the house due to the misunderstandings created by Sanjot, but she still wanted to give their marriage another chance. Vimla urges Raunaq to prevent Sanjot from returning home. She reveals that Sanjot bribed a doctor to make it appear as if Chitra had a heart attack. Raunaq and Chandni are shocked by this revelation. Vimla discloses that Chitra was actually murdered.

Raunaq breaks down upon hearing the truth, and Chandni attempts to console him and provide support. Vimla continues, explaining that Sanjot aimed to create a rift between Raunaq and Sumer. To keep Vimla quiet, Sanjot falsely accused her husband in a fabricated case, leading to his imprisonment. Furthermore, Sanjot threatened to harm Vimla’s children if she revealed the truth to anyone. Vimla emphasizes that Sanjot’s sinister plan also involves endangering Chandni and Roshni’s lives.

Vimla pleads with Chandni and Raunaq, urging them to keep her identity a secret. In response, Raunaq declares his determination to ensure that Sanjot pays for hurting his mother. He assures Chandni that they will take responsibility for Roshni’s safety and protect her. Extending his hand, Raunaq offers it to Chandni, and she grasps it firmly.

Meanwhile, Vimla approaches Sanjot and offers an apology. Sanjot questions whether Vimla had intended to harm Chandni or come to her aid. Vimla lies, claiming that Chandni had awakened, preventing her from carrying out any harm. She puts on an act, asserting her loyalty and promising to never go against Sanjot.

Sanjot reprimands Vimla, commanding her to wait for further instructions. Deep within, Sanjot contemplates teaching Chandni a lesson before eliminating Roshni from her path. Sanjot is determined to remove both Roshni and Chandni as obstacles.

Raunaq, consumed by guilt and reminiscing about Vimla’s words, seeks solace in alcohol. He feels remorseful for the false accusations he made against Sumer. At that moment, Chandni approaches him and acknowledges his pain, understanding that he must be shattered by the truth. Raunaq blames himself and condemns his actions, seeing himself as a terrible son. He believes that Chandni is justified in hating him and deserving of such hatred. Chandni advises him against drowning his sorrows in excessive drinking, suggesting instead that he share his feelings and pain with her.

Raunaq confesses that he’s inebriated, allowing him to speak his mind without filters. In an attempt to share his painful emotions, he suggests that Chandni should join him in drinking. He insists that he won’t reveal anything unless she partakes, and she reluctantly agrees. As Chandni’s vision blurs, she sees two Raunaqs and wonders which one to engage with. Raunaq playfully directs her attention to him, causing their heads to accidentally collide, which leads to laughter shared between them. Eventually, Raunaq opens up about the guilt he carries for being unable to help his mother. The episode concludes with Raunaq pouring his emotions out to Chandni, finding solace in their conversation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Raunaq will confess to Chandni his intention to eliminate Sumer, but she will intervene and urge him to gather evidence against Sumer instead. Meanwhile, Sanjot devises a plan to astonish Sumer but worries that his scheme might come with significant consequences. Eventually, Sanjot and Chandni find themselves in a confrontation with one another.

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