Chashni 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Chashni 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene unfolds with Chandni contemplating the recent events: first, Sumer’s canceled engagement, then Chitra’s untimely demise, and now Roshni being targeted. It becomes apparent to her that someone is intentionally causing harm to her family. She wonders if Chitra’s death was a deliberate act and if Raunaq remains unaware of the truth. Chandni realizes that she herself is uncertain and hesitant to reveal anything to Raunaq at this point.

Lost in her thoughts, Chandni is caught off guard as Raunaq playfully teases her about admiring his handsome face. He jokingly suggests getting an amulet to ward off evil eyes. Chandni, however, retorts that he is not as handsome as he claims.

Raunaq rises from the couch and moves closer to Chandni, and in that moment, they both become entranced by each other’s presence. Raunaq continues his teasing, insisting that Chandni is nothing exceptional and begins to compare their facial features. Suddenly, ink accidentally smears onto his face. Chandni bursts into laughter, seizing the opportunity to capture pictures of him in that comical state. Oblivious to the ink, Raunaq poses confidently, allowing himself to be photographed.

A playful argument ensues between them, with Raunaq demanding that Chandni delete the pictures. They chase each other around the room, filled with laughter and playful banter. Eventually, Chandni stumbles and falls into Raunaq’s arms. In a mischievous retaliation, he playfully smears ink onto her face as well, capturing pictures of the two of them together.

Nisha continuously sends messages to Manav, but he repeatedly blocks her, causing her great heartbreak. In her distress, Nisha seeks solace from her friend Sanjot and asks her to spend some time together. Sanjot agrees but remains engrossed in her phone while making Nisha lie down on her lap. Frustrated, Nisha confronts Sanjot, expressing her belief that Sanjot prioritizes her business over Nisha’s feelings.

During this tense moment, Chandni is sound asleep until Vimla sneaks into the room with a knife. As Chandni wakes up, Vimla silently signals her, indicating that she is wearing a Bluetooth device. Vimla discreetly informs someone on the phone that Chandni is awake and she cannot proceed with her plan. Sensing danger, Chandni realizes that the person Vimla is speaking to must be a member of their own family.

Chandni’s thoughts race, realizing that both she and Roshni are newcomers in the house and have been targeted. She wonders if the same person who attacked them might have been responsible for Chitra’s death as well. Seeking answers, Chandni turns to Raunaq and reminds him of the time she had asked for his help to protect Roshni. She reveals how everything that has happened, including the incident in the storeroom, was part of a deliberate attack on Roshni. Chandni passionately tries to convince Raunaq that the threat letters they have been receiving are not mere jokes, but rather genuine dangers they must face. She warns Raunaq that they could be targeted next. However, Raunaq remains skeptical and refuses to believe Chandni’s words.

Raunaq implores Chandni to reveal the sender of those letters. At that moment, Vimla arrives, her eyes welling up with tears. Raunaq quickly offers her a glass of water and helps her find a seat. Vimla confesses that she overheard their conversation and verifies Chandni’s honesty. She bravely admits to being the one behind the letters, despite the risks it poses to her husband and family. Vimla feels compelled to disclose the secret before it’s too late.

She reveals that Sanjot, who also happened to be Chitra’s enemy, is the mastermind behind all these troubles. Vimla elaborates on how deeply Sumer loved Chitra, prioritizing her happiness over his own work. The revelation leaves Raunaq seething with anger, realizing that Sanjot has caused immense harm to his mother. The episode concludes with this explosive revelation, setting the stage for the next chapter in their lives.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanjot’s intentions to harm Chandni will be met with a strategic response. Raunaq, recognizing the threat, will ally with Chandni to ensure Sanjot faces legal consequences and safeguard Roshni’s well-being. Raunaq will firmly assert that now, both Chandni and he bear the responsibility of protecting Roshni.

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