Chashni 11th May 2023 Written Story Update

Chashni 11th May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Raunaq instructing Gautam to perform sit-ups while holding his ears. With each count, he asks Gautam to seek forgiveness from the goddess. Ishika arrives to meet Sanjot, looking anxious. Sanjot requests her to press her foot as it is causing discomfort, but then kicks her. Ishika is taken aback, and Sanjot interrogates her for stepping on Chandni’s saree, causing her humiliation. Ishika reveals that it was Roshni who instructed her to do so. Sanjot decides to teach Roshni a lesson for attempting to control the Babbar household’s servants.

Raunaq tries to call Roshni in a fit of rage, but the call fails to connect. He is annoyed that Roshni could stoop so low and manipulate him into participating in her plan by providing Chandni with a saree. Raunaq believes he understands Roshni’s goal to get close to Sumer. He declares that he is now against Roshni and that if she does anything to harm Chandni, she will have to face him first since she crossed a line today. Raunaq returns to the room to find Chandni sleeping, with Nisha keeping a watchful eye on her. Nisha expresses her hope that the issues between them will be resolved.

Raunaq reminisces about the incident and gazes at Chandni. He notices her trembling and lifts the blanket to cover her. However, Chandni rises up in anger and interrogates him about presenting her with the saree and putting her through humiliation. She exposes the various torments he has inflicted upon her and demands proof to support his accusation that she caused his sister’s demise. She sobs uncontrollably and collapses in tears. Raunaq feels remorseful and informs her that he is not accountable for what occurred that day. Chandni questions whether he ever believed her when she kept insisting that she was not responsible for his sister’s fate. Therefore, she declares that she will not trust him either and will never forgive him.

Chandni discards her dupatta and urges Raunaq to do whatever he desires. She asserts that she will not depart from the Babbar household, regardless of his actions. Raunaq drapes the dupatta back on her and apologizes sincerely once more. As they recollect each other’s words, “Humari adhoori kahani” melody echoes in the background. Raunaq sleeps on the sofa, but when he awakens, he experiences back pain and tries to alleviate it when Chandni appears before him. He concocts an excuse.

Raunaq purposefully engages in an argument with Chandni in an attempt to coax her into speaking. He accuses her of concealing the AC remote, which he claims caused him discomfort. Chandni hands over the remote without a fuss and promptly exits the room upon noticing Raunaq’s unwavering gaze. In the hallway, Chandni bumps into Gautam, who incessantly apologizes to her. She is taken aback by the sight of his swollen face. Gautam fibs about injuring himself in the bathroom. Raunaq emerges in a shirt and towel, amusing Chandni with his jokes. The scene concludes with Raunaq assisting Chandni, their eyes fixed on each other.

[Episode End]

Precap : Chandni will receive information from Dadi that Raunaq was not involved in the incident she had encountered. Following this, Chandni will apologize to Raunaq and assist in applying medicine on his back. However, Raunaq will believe that he cannot forgive Chandni.

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