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Bhagya Lakshmi 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with the couples untangling their second knot. Malishka expresses her frustration to Rishi, revealing her inability to open the knot, and implores him for assistance. Meanwhile, Malishka notices Lakshmi and Vikrant struggling with their knot and assumes that they will be eliminated in the initial round. However, to her surprise, Lakshmi and Vikrant successfully untie the last knot and proceed to the next round. Subsequently, the host offers his apologies to Rahul and Simran, announcing their elimination from the competition.

Ayush confronts Karishma and Neelam regarding something he overheard, which involves Karishma inquiring about Lakshmi’s survival. Despite Neelam and Karishma’s attempts to refute it, Ayush persists in seeking an answer from Karishma. Eventually, Karishma confesses to Ayush that he heard correctly. Intrigued, Ayush questions Karishma about the reason behind her statement.

Mukesh arrives at Rano’s house, bearing gifts. Rano graciously invites him inside. In the meantime, Karishma reminds Ayush of the two accidents that Lakshmi had experienced in the past. Concerned, she questions Neelam about Lakshmi’s chances of survival if another accident were to occur. Karishma assures Ayush that it’s nothing more than a casual conversation. Ayush seeks confirmation from Karishma, who affirms the truth of her words. Grateful for Karishma’s concern for Lakshmi, Ayush thanks her and departs. Karishma breathes a sigh of relief, realizing that Ayush didn’t overhear their entire conversation. She knows that had he heard, he would have rushed to inform Lakshmi and Rishi about the situation. Neelam concurs with Karishma’s sentiment.

The anchor proceeds to inform the couples about the upcoming round, explaining that the male partners will don different outfits, while the female partners must identify their respective male partners. With that, the anchor invites the male partners to change their outfits.

Rano inquires Mukesh about the sender of the gifts. Mukesh responds, “Dadi sent these gifts as Shagun.” Rano’s face lights up with joy upon hearing this.

The male partners emerge, clad in sarees and concealing their faces. The anchor addresses the female partners, urging them to identify their respective male partners. The anchor adds that if they choose the correct person, the Gungat (veil) will be lifted to reveal their identity.

Dadi contacts Rano, who expresses admiration for the thoughtful gifts. Dadi attributes the gifts to Lakshmi. Dadi subtly suggests to Rano that she should consider taking some English classes. However, Rano misinterprets Dadi’s intention and confidently declares that she will be the one giving English classes.

During the competition, Rishi and Vikrant engage in a conversation about whether Lakshmi and Malishka would be able to recognize them. They come to a decision to patiently wait and observe. As fate would have it, two female partners end up selecting the same male contestant. Seizing the opportunity, the anchor instructs the ladies to unveil the faces of their respective male partners by removing their Gungats. Adhering to the command, one of the female partners emerges victorious as it happens to be her own male partner, while the other experiences defeat.

Determined to locate Rishi, Malishka ponders on a plan. Recalling that Rishi would be the first to come to Lakshmi’s aid, she takes a bold step and pushes Lakshmi. Acting swiftly, Rishi catches Lakshmi, and Malishka successfully identifies Rishi amidst the commotion. In a similar fashion, Malishka unveils Rishi’s face by removing his Gungat, and together they progress to the next round. Following suit, Lakshmi also uncovers Vikrant’s face by removing his Gungat, securing their passage to the subsequent round.

With the couples now gathered, the anchor reveals the details of the upcoming round: the female partners’ shoes will be concealed, and it will be the responsibility of the male partners to find them. As part of the arrangement, the anchor requests the female partners to blindfold their respective male partners. Following instructions, Malishka blindfolds Rishi, while Lakshmi blindfolds Vikrant. In anticipation of the challenge, the anchor declares that it is now time to hide the shoes.

[Episode End]

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