Anupamaa 13th May 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 13th May 2023 Written Story Update On

In the latest episode, Anupama seeks divine support before performing in front of Malti Devi. She decides to fill out a form and brings Bhairvi along. Leela receives a call from Panditji, prompting the Shahs to inquire about it. Leela reveals that Panditji has given the green light for Samar’s wedding next month, but if they wait, it will be postponed for a year. Kinjal is worried about the time crunch for preparations, but Leela suggests waiting a year in case Samar and Dimple fight again. However, Samar overhears and shouts in disagreement.

Meanwhile, Anupama fills out the form and catches sight of Nakul, leaving her smitten. Leela later clarifies that she was joking about waiting a year and worries about who will handle the arrangements. Anuj is missing, and they wonder who will pay for Dimple’s side. Vanraj assures them that they don’t need Anuj and that Anupama should solely focus on the wedding. Hasmuk suggests they only inform Anupama and avoid discussing money matters.

Nakul identifies Anupama, who then inquires about how Nakul knows her. Nakul leads Anupama to Malti Devi for a meeting. Meanwhile, Leela becomes upset when Anupama does not answer her phone call. During a playful conversation about their upcoming wedding, Kinjal playfully teases Samar. Samar compliments Kinjal, which causes her to become emotional. When Samar asks the reason behind her tears, Kinjal explains that they stem from happiness. After Anupama returns from her visit to Malti Devi’s Gurukul, Samar and Kinjal decide to discuss their plans with her.

Anupama and Bhairvi are on their way to meet Malti, who is known for her incredible dancing skills. Upon arrival, they witness Malti Devi and her students performing a mesmerizing dance routine. Anupama is captivated by the performance, while Nakul is thrilled to see Anupama. He has been secretly admiring her from afar.

After the dance, Anupama applauds Malti Devi’s performance, and Malti Devi asks for Anupama’s introduction. Anupama explains that she considers Malti her teacher, to which Malti responds with surprise, wondering why Anupama is there when she already knows how to dance. Anupama explains that a teacher-student relationship is like that of a mother and daughter, leaving Malti Devi stunned.

Vanraj observes that the sadness is so profound that the only option left is to smile. He wishes for everything to work out well for him. Malti Devi recognizes Anupama as Anuj’s wife, to which Anupama clarifies that she doesn’t need the Kapadia title for recognition. They engage in a conversation, and Malti Devi asks Anupama to demonstrate her dancing skills. Anupama is left shocked.

Meanwhile, Barkha inquires about Pakhi’s happiness, to which Pakhi reveals that Samar is getting married, and Anupama has met with Malti Devi. She also adds that Anuj will return soon. However, Adhik grows tired of Pakhi’s constant mention of Anuj and snaps at her. Barkha hopes that Anupama can find happiness through her dancing and forget about Anuj.

Anupama is reluctant to showcase her dance skills in front of Malti Devi, but Malti Devi provides her with encouragement. Meanwhile, Leela eagerly awaits Anupama’s phone call. Malti Devi grants Anupama a five-minute opportunity to display her talent.

[Episode End]

Precap : Malti Devi has requested that Anupama sign a contract if she wishes to enroll in her Gurukul. Additionally, Malti Devi is prepared to travel to the United States. Meanwhile, Samar has informed the Shahs that Anuj will be attending his wedding.

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