Ajooni 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Ajooni 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Ravinder instructing Rajveer to inspect the box brought by Tejender. However, Rajveer opposes the idea. Subhash intervenes and supports Ravinder’s decision. They proceed to open the box, only to discover a refrigerator inside. Rajveer and Amrit mock Ravinder, while Tejender engages in an argument with him. In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Subhash urges them to stop fighting. Disguised as Shanky, a few men carry the box indoors, accompanied by Subhash and Rajveer. Meanwhile, Tejender expresses his discontentment with Ravinder, accusing him of acting as a mere bodyguard. Ravinder scolds Tejender, warning him to remain silent and have his meal. In the meantime, Shanky removes his fake mustache and beard.

Tejender remarks to Ravinder that he couldn’t even handle his own son. Ravinder counters, stating that Rajveer has also changed due to his association with Amrit and Tejender. Amrit chimes in, asserting that Rajveer has become more mature and has seen Ravinder’s true nature. Tejender claims that Ravinder is pretending to be against Shanky. Ravinder sternly warns Tejender to keep quiet. Rajveer inquires about Ravinder’s course of action, to which Ravinder declares that he will not tolerate Tejender’s accusations. Just then, Ajooni arrives and announces that it’s time for the wedding. Everyone proceeds inside, leaving Ravinder behind.

Shanky stealthily infiltrates Akshay’s room, hiding behind the cupboard as Bharat enters. He overhears Bharat mentioning Akshay’s allergy to perfume and watches as Bharat takes Akshay away. Shanky contacts Tejender and conveys something to him. After a while, Tejender discreetly adds something to the ceremonial fire without anyone’s knowledge. The priest initiates the puja, and as smoke fills the air, Akshay begins coughing. Rajveer advises Akshay to retreat to his room temporarily.

Akshay enters his room and takes a sip of water. Suddenly, Shanky attacks him, causing Akshay to lose consciousness. Shanky dons Akshay’s attire and proceeds to the wedding altar. The priest requests them to bring the bride, and Ajooni and Bua escort Meher. Meher sits beside Shanky, unaware of the switch. Subhash performs the gathbandhan ritual, and the priest instructs the groom and bride to take the wedding vows. Ajooni notices something amiss and promptly informs Rajveer. Rajveer unveils Shanky, leaving everyone shocked to see him in Akshay’s place. Bharat questions Shanky’s whereabouts, while Akshay arrives, with his parents rushing to his side. Akshay reveals the details of the attack.

Amrit accuses Ravinder of playing with everyone’s lives. Rajveer summons Ravinder, who arrives on the scene. The Vohras express their betrayal by Ravinder, and Rajveer asserts that everything was part of Ravinder’s plan. Ravinder questions how Rajveer could doubt him, to which Rajveer counters by asking how Shanky managed to enter the house if Ravinder had executed his responsibilities diligently. Ravinder insists that Shanky will reveal the truth, proceeding to slap him. Holding a gun to Shanky, Ravinder demands the truth, leaving Amrit and Tejender stunned by the unfolding events.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ravinder confides in Subhash, expressing his intention to eliminate Shanky as a means to resolve the problem at hand. Upon learning of this, Akshay’s father decides to call off the marriage.

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